Spark Plug Inspection and Change Service

Blownoutsparkplug now offers the same Inspection and Spark Plug change services that we perform with a Blownout Spark Plug repair as a preventative measure...

Customers ask how this could have been prevented.

To assist our customers Blownoutsparkplug has decided to expand our service offerings. This may adversely affect our blown out park plug repairs but we feel that our customers should be aware that it can be prevented from ever happening.

We have found over the years the main failure is due to either inadequate torque or the existence of carbon under the seating area of the spark plug allowing the plug to become loose and then damaging the threads in the cylinder head.

The amount of repairs that we perform after a customer has just had their spark plugs changed proves that many mechanics are not aware of the issues surrounding these engines and do not have the knowledge required to successfully change these spark plugs and prevent future blown out spark plugs.

Blownoutsparkplug has developed a preventative maintenance process which includes the inspection the cylinder heads, removal of any carbon deposits in the spark plug seating area and reinstalling the new spark plugs with the necessary amount of torque to prevent you from ever having a blown out spark plug in the future..

Customers have the option of traveling to one of our locations or having the spark plug service performed at their location. We have the ability to add customers to out standby system and contact them while we are in their area saving them the expense of travel. 

It is impossible to guarantee that you will never have a spark plug blow out but we have completed hundreds of these Spark Plug Thread Inspections and Spark Plug replacements using our process and have never had a single failure.

To be contacted by us to schedule an appointment click here.


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