About Us

Blownoutsparkplug specializes in a low cost alternative
to replacing the cylinder head on
most all 1997 to 2005
Ford 4.6L, 5.4L, and 6.8L engines in Mustangs, Trucks and
Motor Homes that have
experienced a blown out spark plug.

Most Recognized Repair Service

Blownoutsparkplug is now considered the nations most recognized service
provider specializing in the repair of Ford vehicles that have had a spark plug blow out and damaged the cylinder head.

The Company's Future

Blownoutsparkplug.com has created a repair process for the repair of damaged spark plug threads on most all vehicles but specialize on the 1990 to 2003 4.6L, 5.4L, and 6.8L Ford engines that experience a blown out spark plug .

We have repaired hundreds of cylinder heads and over the last 14 years and have designed many specialized tools and refined our repair process. We are now considered "The Experts" at this type of repair.

Due to the very large geography of our customer base, we have now developed a completely mobile repair process where all of the equipment that we need to perform the repair except for a standard shop style vacuum and compressed air can be carried on an airplane which gives us the ability to travel anywhere in the United States to perform the repair.

We manufacture many of our custom tools and replacement spark plug seats ourselves. As such the tools and the specialized process that we use to perform the repair is not currently available to the public.

In the future as we feel that there is a need we may begin adding additional repair partners, but at this time we have only three approved repair partners that use our specialized tooling and use our 100% guaranteed repair process. 

Most of our repairs are of course in California but we have traveled over most of the US including Alaska and Hawaii. (see map)

Driven by requests from our customers who are now having a NEW problem with the Ford 2005 trough 2007 three valve engines breaking spark plugs during spark plug changes Blownoutsparkplug has developed a mobile repair process for these engines and has recently offered a new service named Brokensparkplug.com


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