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We always exceed our customers expectations during repairs which is one of the reasons that we keep a 100% customer satisfaction rating.. Here are a few personal letters and articles published about us.

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Mike Pellegrino in Dover, DE

Blew a plug on way home from vacation on a Saturday. I did some research online and found Blownoutsparkplug.com I called on Saturday night and to my shock Dave answered.

We spoke for a little bit and he explained the process they use to make repairs to my 2004 F250 5.4L. Dave would happen to be on the east coast in a few weeks and gave me the estimate of 800 for the repair and 128 dollars travel.

A few weeks later Dave came to make the repair. He was very professional and personable he went right to work and the repair and all new plugs were done in just a few hours even with me hanging around asking questions.

He ran the truck until it came up to temperature and checked it for codes. The truck has not run this good in years. I could not be happier with the repair he made and his estimate was right on the money no hidden fees.

Please feel free to email me with any questions I will do my best to help you out. If you blow a plug call them you won't be sorry.

email: Pellie157@optonline.net

Alex Millar in El Cajon, CA

I have a 2000 Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor that’s pushing 200k miles. One of the catalytic convertors grenaded and clogged up and (I’m pretty sure) caused one of the spark plugs to blow out.

I did a lot of research and after having Ford tell me they wanted 1300$ for the job, I came across this site. After speaking with Ric, I was confident that there is not a better man around suited to do this job.

Ric was very up front and very reachable throughout the entire process and upon meeting him for the first time, I could immediately tell he was a great guy. He had it finished in less than 24 hours and was very accommodating to my schedule.

I just got my car back and I have to say I could not be happier with the end result. My car sounds and runs great with zero evidence of there ever having been an issue in the first place.

He is extremely intelligent, knowledgeable and very good at what he does and I will be recommending him and Blown Out Sparkplug to anyone that needs work in the future.

email: anmillar1@gmail.com

William Cornell

I recently had a spark plug blow out of my Pontiac GXP. I took it to the local Chevy dealership where I found out the newISH motor they installed 300 miles prior was not under warranty, and they told me the head was trash and gave me a price for a new head.

I ran into Ric at a local car show and he said "let me run a scenario past you and and if I hit the nail on the head my product is just for you." 2 days later I had the Pontiac towed to his shop.

When he told me the price compared to the price of a new head I thought it was too good to be true. I definitely put his skills to the test but the next day I received a phone call telling me it was finished.

Not only did he have to battle a big motor in a small hole but he went above and beyond by double checking the other 7 plugs and coils which were all finger tight. He also assured me his repair will never back out. And after 900 repairs not 1 has rejected. TAKE MY MONEY!

I definitely appreciate your work Ric and if I come across any other blownout spark plugs they will be pointed in your direction.    THANK YOU!

email: remotcontroldude@netscape.net

Bob Ashcroft in Kansas City, MO

My wife drives a 2001 Expedition with only 70,000 miles on it. Coming home one afternoon the heard the loud noise and couldn't figure it out. Also lost power. Local repair man, who I really have a lot of confidence in diagnosised it as a BLOWN OUT SPARKPLUG!!!

I said a what. Never heard of it. Needless to say after goggling it I soon knew all about it. He said it could be repaired but that he didn't want to do it and that he was not confident it wouldn't hold. After going to several parts stores for recommendations as visiting with several repair shops and receiving no assurance other than it would be temporary fix and reading about BLOWNOUTSPARK, I decided to call Ric.

Made arrangements for him to fly in from California and fix it!!! Called and emailed a couple of testimonials and decided to have Ric stay with us as well. Everyone including my wife had some real questions about the whole process. The more I checked and the more I though about it, the more I felt that this was the right thing to do. Other than that the only alternative was to have is fixed locally and then sell the car. Ford would fix with new head for $2,500 to $3,000. Value on the market was nothing and with only 70,000 miles and brand new tires it would have been a shame to give it away.

Friends and wives of friends thought I was a little off kilter and to tell the truth my wife thought so too!!! But plans had been made and airline tickets had been purchased.

Ric arrived by air from California to Kansas City, and to our garage we went. I had all the necessary equipment available that they had requested that they couldn't bring by plane. Three hours later the Expedition was as good as new.

Ric went about his work like a surgeon would. Allowing me not only to watch, but ask questions and even assist when convenient. Watching and learning the need for special tools and parts that he and developed and had manufactured it was understandable why locally it could not have been repaired as well.

The week before I was getting my hair cut and we were discussing BLOWNOUTSPARKPLUG and the barber said," my brother-in-law had 2 go out on him, he had them fixed locally and then sold the car. Once you mention it, others have heard, but not I.


Several of my other plugs were not tightened sufficiently and would have ultimately blown as well. Ford says the problem is because when your plugs were changed they were not tightened enough and that's why they blow. NOT, we had never changed plugs with only 70.000 miles????

Feel free to email me and I would be more that happy to share my experience about BOSP with you and try to answer any questions you might have.

email: bobashcroft@ifsjc.com

Horacio & Rhonda in Riverside, CA

We own a 2004 Ford Taurus 3.0 liter, with a blown out spark plug.

We got in touch with Ric via telephone and he was eager to help us with the spark plug issue.

We live in Riverside, CA and had to get the car to El Cajon so we decided to purchase the emergency plug kit. Ric was not sure it would work on our Taurus, but it worked perfectly and we were able to make the 1 1/2 hour drive without any issues.

 The whole process took about an hour. Ric is very professional and the quality of his work is very high. We were very impressed with the whole process and highly recommend Blown Out Spark Plug.

email: hmartin92508@yahoo.com

Ron in Cedar Rapids, IW

Could not recommend anyone better. Ric was very professional and courteous. If you like to learn he is more then happy to teach great guy great company.

Now I have my X back and she's driving great. It's easier then you think getting Ric to you.

I was apprehensive, but after going over it with Ric it was simple and well worth the money, big savings from dealer or auto shop.

Thanks for everything ZIP TIE !!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

email: romaldhunt3232@msn.com

Marcos in Las Vegas, NV

I blew out my #5 plug on my 2005 Ford Expedition on my way back home to Las Vegas from San Diego.

I am not that mechanically inclined so I had my car towed to a hotel in Hesperia and rented a room to figure out what I was going to do. It was my wife and I and our four children.

I came across Blownoutsparkplug.com while I was researching my car troubles.

I called Ric Sunday night at 9:00 pm and he actually answered and we went over the issue I was having. He called me the following morning at 6:30am to provide me some info on how the get the truck to run to bring it to him to fix.

I met him after he got off work and he fixed my plug and changed the rest of my plugs and even worked out a payment plan with me.

My expedition has never ran this good. Ric was amazing, knowledgeable, friendly and extremely efficient.

email: marcosgil702@yahoo.com

Ben in Ohio

You simply cannot beat excellent customer service.

I have a 2006 F-150, that blew a second spark plug a few days ago. Unfortunately I live in Ohio, and not right down the street from Ric and his shop. I have a new shop working on my truck as we speak, this after me calling and stopping around to interview shops on their experience with this issue. This particular shop was in the process of making the repair on another ford, which set my mind at ease.....at least a little.

The shop called, said the threads were completely gone and would need an insert. I had been doing some research and understood what they were talking about, and gave them the green light. After doing so, I continued researching online to educate myself further.

I came across Blownoutsparkplug.com, and read over what they do along with the testimonials. I sent a quick email, (Ohio time at about 8:30am), and within an hour received a call from Ric. He went over his experience with this particular 5.4 engine, (3V), and offered suggestions for this shops procedure.

I normally do not take calls from out of state at this time of day, but thought, or hoped, it was Ric, and sure enough. Obviously being 3,000 miles away, there wasn't much he could do, but the simple fact that he took the time to make the call was beyond impressive to me.

I wish my sister still lived in San Diego so I could visit and stop in to buy these guys lunch. Again, you cannot beat excellent customer service.

I would recommend Ric based off our 10 minute phone call. Nice job!


email: cnmlandscape@gmail.com

Michael in St. George, UT

Hello to everyone. I just had a spark plug and COP's changed by Rick and his team. They did a terrific job!

They are super organized and have the right tools to do the job. I was impressed with their precision in getting the job done.

When I arrived the Team of Mandy and Denise got everything set up waiting for Rick to arrive. I showed up a few minutes early so I could get the truck to cool down. Well with it 100deg outside it really didn't cool down much.

The team got right to work even in the heat. Mandy did a terrific job working under Ricks guidance. In the background Denise was handing them tools and preparing the parts. They are a well oiled machine.

I was thinking seriously of not changing my plugs period because of all the horror stories of blown plugs especially after the Ford dealers change them out. But after reading the testimonials and saw what extra effort Rick and the team goes to make sure they won't come free, I decided to have it done.

I had to drive to the San Diego area from Utah so I scheduled my visit with Rick. He was very accommodating to my schedule which was very tight. He got everything done and the truck runs like a champ. While doing the plug change they found 3 of the plugs that were not tight at all. So it would of been a problem down the road!

Now I have peace of mind to haul my tent trailer all over the USA without the worry of a blown plug.

I would highly recommend Rick and his team and their process to anyone.

email: baesslerfamily@msn.com

Tim in Franktown, CO

I Blew out #3 plug on a 2001 F-150. After usual internet research bought the NAPA self threading plug/sleeve kit. Before I installed, I found this site and by pure luck, the guys just happened to be in Denver and scheduled a house call.

Had them sleeve the #3 and clean seats, replace/torque plugs on the other seven. Looks like two more were ready to go (could see carbon on threads from escaping gas).

Guys were quite efficient, only required a shop vac, compressor and brake cleaner from me (all of which I had). These guys have the process down pat.

More $ than I would have liked to spend on an older truck, but now feel confident that it will last several more years and I consider the work a good investment.

Heartily recommended as THE way to deal with this annoying Ford problem.

email: tdeger@myawai.com

Kathy in El Cajon, CA

I wanted to take this feedback opportunity to say thank you Ric!.

I've worked with many mechanics over the years and I have to say Ric is awesome. He is so eager and helpful to get your car going again. Not too mention very nice!

I too had a blown sparkplug and I shopped around and he had the best deal not too mention the best warranty ever! Before you take your car to a fly by night shop that is cheaper, do your research. Ric's reviews should be enough to make you call him..

If there was a way to give me stars on here I would.. But since I cant I will just give him ***** stars myself :) Thanks so much Ric for all you did for me!.

email: katerinacarp@gmail.com

Guy M. from Las Angeles, CA

Just had my 2003 Expedition 5.4L blowout it's #3 plug and YES I've read on line on all the blogs on how Ford failed and complaints after complaints, but on the flip-side I've always been a Ford truck guy and never had any other issue with their trucks.

Should I really have thought the 5.4 would go 100,000 mile without checking the plugs? Answer is NO! So what's done is done and I'm stuck with a mechanical breakdown.

Now the Ford dealership service I use did acknowledged the problem and did not say it was the first time they heard about a plug blowing out and they offered a fix at around $500 to repair the #3, BUT with no guarantee. I've checked on line on the many repair insert kits thinking on maybe trying to repair the problem on my own, kits run around $400+ again without any guarantee! Then I found "Blownoutsparkplug".

I gave them a call and Ric returned my call promptly and we discuss the problem and repair. The only issue was I live 120 mile away from the area. Ric said he could drive to my area to do the repairs and even at that price it was still a good deal! I decided to drive there and spend the day in San Diego with my family and by using the "Blownoutsparkplug" emergency plug kit it got me there safely with no problems.

When meeting Ric he was a friendly and knowledgeable person on this type of repair. Read the testimonials, when you want something done right you used the person who knows what he's talking about and has hands on experience. Ric is that mechanic who backs his work with a guarantee!

After the day in San Diego I got back to pick up the truck and Ric had to step out but he text me a message saying the keys are in his drop box and the invoice on the repairs done was inside the truck and to just place payment inside his drop box, NOW is that trust!

Well the truck is running great and to say about Ric's work it's A+++++ plus with a guarantee!.

email: gumm357@yahoo.com

Larry in Las Vegas, NV

First off let me start off by saying that Ric really knows his stuff.

To start off with a blown out #3 plug on my 5.4L Navigator was the easy part for Ric. You see Ric had to remove an insert which had fallen down into the cylinder. Ric had to retrieve the insert before he could start the repair on the Blown out plug. Ric spent over 2.5Hrs just fishing out the insert, and in doing so remained very professional and patient.

After that task was completed Ric repaired the damaged plug threads and installed their seat assembly. Ric then proceeded to clean, inspect and install the other 7 spark plugs and coils just like he had said he was going to do.

I am truly satisfied with the job and the workmanship which Ric displayed and I would recommend their service to anyone who has experienced this type of breakdown.

Once again, My Hat's off to Ric and the whole Blownoutsparkplug crew.

email: Larryblong30@msn.com

Steve in Phoenix, AZ

I just want to say how impressed I am with Blownoutsparkplug..

I have a 2005 F-150 with only 80,000 miles. I was driving home from work one night at 3:00 am and heard a loud "POP", followed by a horrible sound which sounded like I had lost my exhaust manifold. I had it towed to my local repair shop and was informed that cylinder #1 had blown a spark plug out of the head... threads and all! WHAT??

I had never heard of that happening... ever! I called around to a few of my mechanic friends to ask what could be done.. I knew better than to call the dealer. I was told my only option was to Heli-coil the head.. or replace it. Of course, nobody would offer any kind of guarantee on their work.

Being an aerospace mechanic/machinist myself, I knew not to try this job myself. I got a call from a friend who told me he knew of a lady who had a guy fly in from Cali to fix her Excursion that had the same problem, so I got online and started searching.

I came across Blownoutsparkplug.com and was impressed with all the positive feedback that was posted. I filled out the online form and was called back the next morning. Ric said he could be here in 2 days.. so I made the arrangements.

I picked Ric up at Sky Harbor at 8:00am and brought him back to my house. What a great guy.. even the conversation was great! When we got here, he went right to work. I felt so bad.. the compressor I had wasn't powerful enough to push his air tools.. so he waited while I went to the store and purchased a new one.

By the time I got back, it was already getting hot, and (I live in a duplex) there was no covered area to work in. He had already completed his preliminary work when I returned and got started as soon as the compressor was up and working.

I can't believe how quick he got it done.. I helped all I could, I felt horrible that the poor guy was doing this in the sun.. but there was no complaints, just a great positive attitude.

My truck runs better than before and I couldn't be happier! I would recommend Ric and Blownoutsparkplug.com to anyone and have given his number to my local repair shop and all of my mechanic friends.

Thank you again Ric, you really are a lifesaver and really just an awesome guy.. I owe you a beer ;-)

Steve Burris, Phoenix, AZ

email: gear.grinder1972@gmail.com

Aaron in Murrieta, CA

My wife and my kids were on there way out of town, when the phone call came in. She was broke down on the 91 freeway. Come to find out a blown out spark plug.

In the morning I called my friend Chris to see if he could tap the head so I could get my family back on the road. There was no way he would even consider trying. Chris told me about his other friend that the same thing happened to him and that he had this company come to him and had it fixed.

He gave me Ric's number at Blownoutsparkplug and I gave him a call on Sunday mid morning. Ric called me back and said he would cancelled his plans with his girlfriend so he could get my family back on the road.

Ric and his guy's were great. Very professional. fixed my bad hole and replaced all spark plugs.

I only recommend the best, and would definitely recommend blown out spark plug.

Thanks Again Ric.   Aaron G.

email: gardneraaron36@yahoo.com

Joe in Santee, CA

Thank you, Blownoutsparkplug.com.  I was very impressed with the service I received at your shop.

My 2001 Ford F250 was misfiring and barely running after a trip to the desert. You guys made this repair so simple for me. All I did was make an appointment for the following day and my truck was diagnosed and repaired while I waited at your shop.

The workmanship and repairs exceeded my expectations, my truck runs great! This would have been a couple days for the repair and I would have paid a lot more at the Ford dealer.

I would recommend this repair shop to my own mother. Thanks again Blownoutsparkplug.com

Sincerely, Joe Polizzi

email: proscapejoe@cox.net

James in Walnut, CA

Well, where do I start. I have a 2002 Ford F-250 V-10 4x4 Super Duty and love the truck until I loaned it to my Son . I had just purchased a Camper for the truck and My Son wanted to borrow it to go to Big Bear fishing with my Grandson So I hesitated at first ( you know loaning family stuff??) So I gave in and let him use it . My Son loaded it and was off around 4:00 PM and around 7:00 PM I received a cell call , guess what the truck blew out a spark plug.

I SAID WHAT %%$$$&&(*&*)*%# did you do to my truck. Normal response right? He said again a plug blew out of the engine....I still didn't believe it. But we talked and he said he could not put the plug back in So being the Macho Man I thought I was I told him I'll go get a new plug at the parts store drive up to you and fix it.

The truck had stopped at about a 1/3 of the way up the hill on Route 30 to Big Bear. So by the time I got the plug and drove up there it was pitch black out and all I had was a little flash light. I was sure I would get there put in the new plug and everything would be GREAT..., WRONG, We tried and tried to put the plug in but it would not go....No threads in the hole ,I NEVER had seen or heard of this before. I was cold, pissed at my son and it was DARK..  I finally told my son we got to get this truck home and the grandson was cold and of course starving..

I had my Son call his friend that works at Toyota and see if we could drive the truck like this as we were about 47 miles from our home in Walnut California. My Son's friend said yes just make sure you disconnect the wire to the fuel injector so we don't pump fuel into that cylinder. We did it all and hit the road. My Son drove the truck and I followed in my car. It was loud driving but we made it home and then I was trying to figure what to do next. ( yes we had AAA , but for only 7 miles so it would have cost $250 to 300 just to get it home and I was worried about the cost of repair.)

I called Ford the next day and they estimated the repair at $3500 dollars (new head) so I almost had a heart attack. I didn't know what to do . Everybody had a quick fix, their own stories of what they would do. I was so tired of all the stories, Like should have bought a Chevy? FORD-(fix or repair daily ) I'm sure you've heard them....My Wife told me to look at this site she found called BLOWNOUTSPARKPLUG.COM. I read a lot or the stories on the site about other FORDS doing the same thing. So come to find out, it's a common problem and Ford has no recall for it. HHhmmm wonder why ?

I filled out the information form on their site and was called right away. Dave explained everything that they do and what happens and why that happened, and I really was interested in his program on how to fix my truck so I made an appointment to have Dave from Blownoutsparkplug.com to come to my House and fix my truck. The Day came and I had everything ready for them, air compressor, Shop Vac, blankets for the fenders, spray cleaner (because they can't carry this stuff on a plane) But they drove down to my house so they brought all the stuff they needed themselves,  I misunderstood and didn't need to have the things ready if they drove.

They explained again what they were going to do and I left them to it and stayed out of their way. Wasn't long they were cleaning up and done, I was amazed how PROFESSIONAL, CLEAN, and QUICK they were..

Dave even carried a portable Credit Card Machine to make things even smoother and less stressful for the client. I truly would recommend Dave of Blownoutsparkplug.com anytime!!

The Professionalism was amazing, everything went so smooth.... I truly want to thank Dave and everyone at Blownoutsparkplug.com.

Now I'm back on the road , have gone on two more trips since and my Son returned to Big Bear last weekend to finish the trip he started and the truck ran beautiful, seems to have more power too..

I would also like to say that I'm sorry to my son for being such an ass and to thank the wife for finding BLOWNOUTSPARKPLUG.COM

So Dave, thank you guys for everything and you can come to my house anytime.

James Robinson

email: hmwfmw@freeway.net

Chris in Acton, CA

I would like to thank Dave for the quick and knowledgeable service of changing out my plugs in my 2003 F350 V-10.

I bought my truck used with 130,000 miles and the plugs had never been changed. I happened to run across Blownoutsparkplug.com on a message board and reviewed all of the testimonials. I am always skeptical about anything online, but decided to call and schedule an appointment.

All I can say is that the money spent for changing out the plugs was well worth every penny. I am very pleased and confident that I will not have any future problems with the plugs.

Thanks Again!!,  Chris

email: fullthrottle911@roadrunner.com

Joe in Spring Valley, CA

I would like to tell the people who might be interested in Blownoutsparkplug that they will have no regrets.

I have a 2001 5.4L Expedition that had a blown out spark plug. what a nasty sound it makes when this happens. I had got in touch with Ric and I must say, he is a professional person.

I myself am very picky when it come to maintenance on my vehicles. So I expect good workmanship to be preformed on them.

Ric is a very knowledgeable mechanic. He knew exactly what to do and made it look simple. Not only did he fix what was wrong with it, he also inspected everything else that could go wrong.

I am a very pleased customer, and I will not hesitate to deal with them in the future.


email: susarreyjoe@yahoo.com

James in San Marcos, CA

I own a 2004 4.6 liter 2wd F150 STC super cab. Around 1 year ago I had a #4 spark plug pop on a rainy evening and the next day I took it to a shop in Escondido that put a helicoil in it for $350.00. It had lasted a full year and then I noticed this very distinct ticking sound that would increase with acceleration of any type. Then one afternoon, "bam" the same plug blew again.

After this had happened a second time I basically went everywhere trying to avoid the dealership because they had told me the only "possible" way to fix the truck was to replace both heads and sparkplugs which was going to be $1800 plus labor for each head. They couldn't even guarantee me that this would prevent this very common problem with the F150 trucks from occurring again. They gave me a 6 month warranty promise if I was to go through them, lol.

Then every other mechanic shop I went to wouldn't even look at my truck unless I let them replace the heads because of how common this blowing out spark plugs are with the ford F150 trucks and most other ford trucks as well.

I went online to the Ford Truck Enthusiast website and I read many a thread about this problem and there were many recommendations to call "Blownoutsparkplug.com" and try them out.

I found out that Ric was just maybe 30 miles out from me so I had to give him a call. He kept my truck over night since I dropped it off late. The next day he had it all done, changed all my plugs, repaired the two that were bad, and even gave me a lifetime warranty. I mean who does that?

I was truly amazed with his work and professionalism. Ric is awesome, fair, honest and man does he know his stuff. I can't thank Ric enough for his work. Much appreciated.

email: jfleming@vistacommunityclinic.org

Eliot in Claremont, CA

Excellent job by guys who really know their stuff.

They worked fast and efficiently. And -- hear this-- when they happened to see some frayed electrical wiring they repaired that also. That's called going the second mile.

I recommend their service highly.

email: eliotshimer@yahoo.com

Willie in Syracuse, UT

I want to say thanks to Ric for getting my 2000 F250 back on the road after blowing a sparkplug.

Its been 4 months now, and still running like a champ.

I'd highly recommend Ric to anyone. He saved me a lot of money for not having to take it to the dealer.

Thanks again Willie

email: tonka1@live.com

Kathy and DJ in La Mesa, CA

We were so impressed by the ease of drop off, speedy pick up and the amazing knowledge he had about the truck.

We appreciated the extra care and attention to detail!

Thank you!

email: doula4u@aol.com

Helen & Fred in Petoskey, MI

We have a 2001 Ford F250 4x4 that blew a spark plug. Other than the mechanic who found  blownoutsparkplug.com all of them we spoke with would not guarantee the work and advised us to pay for the "patch kit" and get rid of the truck.

We read the testimonials and decided if we wanted to keep the truck, this was our only option. So, we contacted Ric and set him up to come to Michigan. Unfortunately, a week before he was to arrive, he had an accident, and we had to wait another 6 weeks.

It was well worth it! Ric fixed the truck in no time at all. Showed how loose the other plugs were. The truck is running better than ever!

If you think about it, you fly a person across the US, you do not know anything about them other than what you read, and can only hope it all works out. Well, we can tell you, it is all worth it!

Thank you Ric so very much. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Very satisfied customers! Fred & Helen Wagenschutz,

email: hmwfmw@freeway.net

Mike El Cajon , CA

Thanks Ric for the professional and prompt service on fixing my 2001 F150 5.4l. The truck runs great and sounds great.

I really appreciate everything. Mike

email: luvintris@hotmail.com

Steve in Layton, UT

Ric did a great job fixing my 2001 5.4L V8. He was great to work with and was patient enough to let me help him with the repair. Which also helped me learn some tips for the next time I need to replace plugs on this type engine. His coaching gave me tips on what to watch and listen for to help prevent future problems and how to correct them before they turn into problems.

Ric, Thanks for a great job. You are always welcome at my place.


email: mslyon_3@msn.com

Tom in El Cajon, CA

I want to thank RIC for his fast reply to email and phone call after I had lost a spark plug. It came on on the road from Texas. I had a half way repair done by small dealer (who failed to tell me this was an issue and fails all the time).

When I made it back to town, I talked to our local shop and they directed me to Blownoutsparkplugs web site. Great information and easy to understand, a short email, quick phone call and my truck was off for repairs the next night.

RIC called within a couple of hours after dropping it off (I live close to the company) and truck was done, all holes checked and plugs replaced and the bad hole repaired.

Great service, I have referred the web site to my other friends with the Ford trucks.

email: fireslam@cox.net

Keith in Loomis, CA

My 2002 Expedition made it to 98,000 miles before blowing the spark plug. I called a dealer and although their price was similar they did not provided a warranty and the replacement of all the plugs was not included.

The guys are 100% professional! They arrived on time, they explained the process, and had the job done in 90 minutes.

I highly recommend this company regardless of your location in the U.S.A.


email: keith.luttringer@gmail.com

Ernest in Brooksville, FL

I would like to say thank you for fixing my truck. When my truck blew out a plug I didn't know where to go to get it fixed. I went to a couple of local places and nobody wanted to deal with it and the ones that did wanted twice to three times as much to fix it.

I even thought about new heads or a new motor but then I was looking at spending way to much money. So for those that are skeptical you can't go wrong for the quality and the guys who stand behind their work at Blownoutsparkplug.

So again thank you.

Ernest Shutt Brooksville

email: dirtyridin67@hotmail.com

Pete in Bakersfield, CA

I broke down up off Hwy 99 near Bakersfield, CA, which is about 150 miles from my home. The local Ford Dealer wanted $750 just to take the head off & examine the engine. They said it was another $1700 for a rebuilt head, plus parts (gaskets, plugs, etc). I was looking at about a $3,000 repair.

Dave drove up to Bakersfield, picked up my vehicle, put in his "temp fix" drove the vehicle to his shop near Santa Barbara, repaired the vehicle, changed all the plugs & did it all for about 1/3 the price quoted by the dealer.

The vehicle runs fine, no issues. good work, great customer service. Do not hesitate to give him a try, it saved me a couple thousand dollars !!

email: pblock@henkels.com

Mike in Newbury Park, CA

I own a high mileage 2001 Ford Excursion V10 that recently blew out a spark plug. After taking it to my mechanic, I almost considered sending it to the junk yard.

Here is my story.   My spark plug blew out and I took my truck into my mechanic at the local service station to find out the repairs could run me a few thousand to $4,000.00.  I am skeptical of web based businesses, but I started searching the internet for another option. That is when I found Blownoutsparkplug.com.

Reluctantly I filled out the online form and within 15 minutes I got a call back. I told them the problem and they said they would be in the area the next day. As promised they showed the next afternoon and in less than 2 hours my truck was back up and running for a fraction of the cost, and they stand behind the repair.

I am totally satisfied and would recommend the service to anyone who has had a similar problem. They did the repair on site near the service station where I took the truck. Even my mechanic was impressed enough with the service that he took a business card to recommend to his customers.

Great job guys and Thanks again!   Mike.

email: mkloswald@gmail.com

Victor in San Diego, CA

You saved my Mustang GT; I honestly thought I was point of parking my Mustang until I could save up for a costly head replacement. I believe all the knowledge and training on how to maintain and change a spark plug CORRECTLY! will help me tremendously thank you.

I thank you for involving me throughout each step of your repairs, having me second check the cleanliness of cylinder #5 with your bore scope, you really put my mind at ease with your professional experience and knowledge...

I strongly urge all repair buffs like myself not to use Helicoils or ping type inserts, they may last a short period but they are ineffective and will blow out again and that may impede there correction process and you will be stuck purchasing a new cylinder head.

I will Strongly recommend Ric, he was actually there to help me and not rape my wallet.

email: slckvic69@yahoo.com

Dee in Woodland, TX

Thanks to your amazing technicians, our company van runs better than ever!

They arrived during their estimated time at our office in The Woodlands, TX, completed the job and cleaned up after themselves within a couple of hours.

We have never received better service and look forward to seeing them again when they are back in our area!

email: guardianchimneysweep@yahoo.com

George in Moreno Valley, CA

We could not be happier with the service we received from David.

David came to our house, he was on time and fixed our SUV. My husband is very happy with the services and thought David was an awesome person all in his own.

We will refer Blownoutsparkplug to everyone. Plus, they saved us about lots of money, compared to the other quotes we received.

Thanks David!!!!    The Palmer Family

email: ritrish@hotmail.com

Nancy in Wilcox, AZ

Just wanted to thank you for going above and beyond in repairing our vehicle.

You spent a great deal of time arranging your schedule to repair multiple vehicles in the same area and thus saving us on the travel expenses.

So far our Ford is running great. We would highly recommend your services.

Thanks again..

email: snowslideranch@gmail.com

Dennis in Las Vegas, NV

Our 01 Expedition blew the number 8 cylinder spark plug, which is in a miserable location.

Anyway, we ordered the temporary plug from these guys to get us by for about a month before Dave came out to Vegas. I used a cheap torque wrench and snapped the bolt off in the plug. These guys were very understanding and sent me out a new one the same day.

A few weeks later when Dave arrived, he had the truck fixed within 2 hours. These guys are very thorough, and have a very well thought out process. I was very impressed and would recommend these guys to anyone who ever experiences this unfortunate problem.

Ford should purchased the rights to their method!

If anyone prospective customer would like to ask a previous customer any questions, feel free to email me.

email: dennislv@gmail.com

Pete in Long Beach, CA

I was quoted over $3,000 for a new head from the Ford Dealership.

Blownoutsparkplug was able to repair the vehicle for 1/3 that price which included your guys driving over 150 miles each way to get the vehicle and repair it.

So far the car runs great, and I am totally satisfied with your work and customer service. I would recommend to anyone to give them a try, they are a first class company who does a good job, at a fair price.

email: pblock@henkels.com

Matt in Roseville, CA

I have a 2001 F150 SuperCrew P/U that blew the #5 plug as I started the truck at a Home Depot. I left the truck in the parking lot, went home, and started my research.

I saw several web postings regarding Blownoutsparkplug.com but was a little suspicious of a traveling mechanic service. I did more research, called several local mechanics who refused to do the service. My local Ford dealer told me they couldn't give me an estimate because their "Heavy repair mechanics" weren't at work. Hearing that I knew this wasn't going to be a cheap fix.

I sent an e-mail to Blownoutsparkplug.com and within 5 minutes, at about 6:30pm on a Monday night, Dave called my house. Dave went over his service and gave me an estimate. Dave also asked where my truck was and if I wanted to drive it home. (The truck was only about 3 miles from my house.) Dave told me how to disconnect the fuel injection and coil over plug connection for that cylinder. Dave gave me his cell phone number and told me if I had any problems with the disconnection to give him a call and he would walk me through the process. There was no need because Dave's instructions were so clear that even I could make the disconnection.

I was able to drive my truck, very loud and strange sounding truck, back to my house. I set up an appointment with Dave to have him do the repair. I talked to two of my co-workers who also own the infamous Ford products and told them of Dave's spark plug replacement preventative service. Both co-workers called Dave and arranged to have their trucks spark plugs replaced in my driveway. Bottom line is within 6 days Dave was able to schedule the repairs and guarantee his work.

My wife and I were considering selling our truck to avoid this problem in the future but after my wife talked to Dave (I was out of town during the repair.) he said the spark plug issue was not a reason to sell the truck. It has been about a month since the blown spark plug, as well as the remaining 7, have been replaced and no problems.

Thanks again Dave..

email: mmjanney@surewest.net

Tyrone in Poway, CA

Had this service performed on my 2000 Excursion V10. Runs perfectly now.

This is the best method for correctly repairing your vehicle and the repair does not take long.

email: bagginsbh@hotmail.com

Charles in San Mateo, CA

In February 2010, had a spark plug blow out after my first tune-up on my 2001 F250 4x4. The dealership charged me $1300 to repair one plug. Almost a year later, a second spark plug blew out.

A friend found the Blownoutsparkplug website. I contacted them and received a reply within 24 hours. They sent me a Temporary Transportation plug for the spark plug hole. I was able to drive the truck from the San Francisco bay area to the central coast (300+ miles) to their establishment in Santa Ynez, CA to have the repair done.

I had them do all 10 cylinders for not much more than the dealership charged for the one blown plug.

While killing time in a nearby town waiting for my truck, Dave called to let me know my fan belt needed to be replaced and if I picked one up, he would put it on for me, and didn't charge for this extra work.

The last thing Dave did after my repair was to check my engine with an analyzer. My truck runs perfectly now.

I highly recommend these people; they were professional and courteous. If you blow a spark plug, this is the only place where you should get it fixed.

email: b-packer@pacbell.net

Chuck in Saint Paul, MN

We wanted the spark plugs changed on our Ford V10 motorhome.

Local dealers were vague about the blown out plug problem and would not guarantee their work. In addition the costs quoted were just about the same as Blown Out Spark Plug. While visiting friends in Tucson we drove over to Sahuarita and had Ari from Blown Out Spark Plug install new Spark Plugs.

WOW! Ari was very organized and methodical. All tools and parts were set out in order. He explained the whole process and went to work. He took his time and checked everything twice. Then, when he was done, he took us on a detailed test drive. We were very satisfied with the entire experience and with Ari!

Chuck & Yvonne - Minnesota

email: cyerding@yahoo.com

Tedd in Anchorage, AK

I was beyond impressed with Ric and the team at Blownoutsparkplug.com.

I am a Aircraft Mechanic, so when I say they did a great job with my truck, you can trust it to be the truth. When others said no, blownoutsparkplug said Yes, and backed it up with a great job well done.

I recommend this service team they are highly trained and have special tools the the average Joe does not own.

Thanks again. Tedd

email: tedd.williams@alaskaair.com

Arnold in San Diego, CA

I am so happy that I found their web site, fought off skepticism, and called Ric.

Absolutely great experience! It's been several months since the repair on my 2002 Mustang 4.6L and I must say that his method of repair is effective and long term.

email: A.sapitan@yahoo.com

Gary in Pacifica, CA

After finding that my 2002 Ford Expedition had blown a sparkplug I thought about my choices to fix the problem. While searching the internet I came across Blownoutsparkplug.com and read the info on their website.

I compared their method with other less costly options and in the end decided to use Blownoutsparkplug.

I couldn't be more satisfied. Dave and Justin drove 300 miles to my house and performed a thorough repair of my vehicle. I especially liked the fact that they did extra precautionary work to prevent this problem in the future. Now I don't have to worry about spark plug issues anymore.

Thanks for a professional job well done. I definitely recommend them as the best choice for anyone facing this problem.

email: fuldog@comcast.net

Craig in Nevada City, CA

I was having so much trouble with blown plugs in my V-10 (4&9 cylinders) that I came very close to putting in a new engine.

I heard about Blownoutsparkplug. I live in northern California. I had them send me a temporary plug to put in the cylinder to make it drivable down to Santa Ynez.

I left my house at 6am got down to Dave's house at 1pm and was out of there at 3pm. Hr fixed the truck and I haven't look back since.

Great Job thank you so much you saved me thousands!!!   Craig

email: dash4cash1@sbcglobal.net

Susan in Panama City Beach, FL

Many years ago we blew a plug on our motor home for the first time. Eventually we put in an insert that we purchased at an automotive parts store, which lasted for quite a while. When it blew again I did some research on line and found this site.

In November of 2008 Dave came out to Florida and repaired one blown out plug. He did a clean and professional job and I was very happy with the results. I did purchase an emergency plug just in case. This came in handy when a year later I blew an entirely different plug.

I drove for about 5000 miles to Dave's place in CA. He put inserts in the entire engine (less the one done previously). The results were great. The engine runs like new, my mileage has increased and I could actually climb through the mountain passes. It was definitely money well spent.

I recommend this company very highly.

email: Luv4Bostons@aol.com

Scott in Huntington Beach, CA

What an awesome service!

They came to my house and fixed my truck right in my driveway in under 3 hours. Not to mention the price. I had already received quotes from 2 other mechanics. Both quotes were more than double what I paid Blownoutsparkplug.

Thank you for a great service!    My truck is running perfectly.

email: scottdhenlsey@gmail.com

Jeremy in San Bernardino, CA

I didn't have any blown out spark plugs in my 2003 F250 CC 5.4L triton that I knew of but since I purchased it used I decided it would be best to swap plugs as a preventative plan.

I read many good reviews about blown out spark plug. So I called Dave and set up a date to have him do a standard plug change. I met up with him not to far from my home at another job to cut down on costs. He was fast, efficient, and best of all a real expert.

Dave and Justin worked like a fine tuned machine and swapped my plugs out in about 45 minutes. They had me down the road in a jiffy. I appreciate the quality of work and the attention to detail they bring to the job. A+ guys!

If anyone has any doubts about their vehicle then call these guys up. They will fix it right the first time.

email: sportmedtech@yahoo.com

Russ in Berea, KY

2001 Ford Excursion V10 blew 5 plugs in less than 4,000 miles of having new plugs installed at around 140,000 miles.

Contacted Ric and flew him to Kentucky (10/10/09) to replace all 10 with his style of inserts and procedures. I am happy to report no problems after more that 21,000 miles.

Do not fool around with these auto store inserts unless it is an emergency. Been there done that and it is a waste of time and money. Paid local Ford dealership a small fortune for them to install a NAPA repair kit (blow out # 2) after having #1 blow out in South Carolina. These repairs would have failed over time based on Ric's examination during his total repair.

Ric has a procedure, tools and inserts. He is a true professional in his work habits. Well worth the cost for time, travel and inserts.

email: rwbell@windstream.net

Lester in Hoffman Estates, IL

Dear Blownoutsparkplug, I just had the great pleasure of having Rick fix my 2001 E-250 w/5.4 engine.

What a great feeling it is to know that there are still craftsmen doing what they say they can accomplish. I am a small contractor and know that customers expect to do the work stated. Ric did that and more. He was able to restore my confidence in the truck.

I was considering junking a perfectly good truck because of the dealer cost of repair. If you are reading this, you have a problem, or know someone who has, or are expecting one. If you are a small business owner, Fleet manager, operations manager, don't hesitate. Get the job done right the first time. If your truck makes money for you, keep it running! The small investment far outweighs the downtime and loss of service.

Not only did Ric correct the problem, but he thoroughly checked and replaced all the plugs. My truck has 133000 mi. on it and it runs like new. In the harsh Chicago seasons this is a relief.

Congrats Blownoutsparkplug, you did a fine job....Les.

email: lester5873@comcast.net

Joe in Cape May Courthouse, NJ

Dear Blownoutsparkplug!  On the east coast ,specifically South Jersey, I am on a mission to sing the praises of your valuable service!

Since Justin Worked his Magic on my 02 F150's #2 cylinder and some 10,000 miles later, the truck's triton runs like it's designed to do!

My story is very similar to most with the plugs blowing out. I won't elaborate on that score as you know full well about those problems. What I'd like to comment most emphatically on is your outstanding service and good will. For your readers and future clients, let me say that Justin after having flown into Philadelphia International Airport late that Thursday night, was up early Friday and got down to business! After just under two(2) hours, the engine was up and running!

Needless to say Justin's work and personality are second to none! I can go on and on with all the details of the whole experience but instead let me sum things up by saying----Good People----Good Service-----Great value!

Thank you Mahlmeisters for not only giving us reassurance that there are reputable people like you out there but also those who can get the job done right the First time, unlike some of my experiences with other so called "repair facilities".

Wishing You continued success.
Gratefully yours,

email: chelzdad1@yahoo.com

Perry in  Cuyama, CA

I was very impressed with Dave's knowledge on solving fords spark plug problem, Dave was able to repair my #7 cylinder that had blown out, find 3 plugs that were only hand tight and one plug that was halfway out of the hole.

I had just replaced all of these plugs 6 months ago at an auto repair shop that did not do the job right.

If your looking for a person that knows what he is doing, then Dave is the person. I would recommend him for the job.

 Thanks again Dave!

email: perrylotta@gmail.com

David in El Cajon, CA

I met Ric at the Ford dealer. He was replacing the head gaskets on my dads 2003 F350 turbo diesel dually. He did a bang up job!

While talking he mentioned he does the spark plug repair for the 5.4 liter engines and such. About a month later, my 98 Expedition blew out the #3 plug while cruising down the street. I happened to be 2 blocks from his facility. He told me what to do over the phone and I drove the crippled truck to his place.

He literally had a full tune up and the blown out plug fixed in a matter of hours!

Rick and his crew are awesome! He stands behind his work and is very good at what he does. A+ service with a smile! Good luck finding a nicer guy with a great work ethic and personality.

Thank You Ric! The truck runs amazing now!

email: turbomkiiisupra@yahoo.com

Robert Covina, CA

Heard all the horror stories about this problem so I decided to take preventative care and have these guys do the job.

Just so happened I was going to vacation near there so made arrangements to take vehicle in and in about 1 hour they had me back on the road.

Real friendly and honest!!

email: RnMrojas@yahoo.com

Tim in Glendora, CA

Being a big Ford lover, I have a V8 Lincoln LS, an CNG F250 and an V10 Excursion in the garage.

Unfortunately all three vehicles fall within the realm of a now-known engine defect for Ford Triton family engines between about 1998 to 2003.

In July 2010, my F250 regurgitated the #3 sparkplug, and it could not be reinserted. After researching the options, it was clear the choice should be to utilize www.BlownOutSparkPlug.com for the repair. From the glowing reviews to the vast real-world experience these guys have - you simply can't go wrong!

It took a little over 60 minutes from start to finish, and the vehicle was alive again! I really need the F250 due to it's carpool lane sticker & HOV access.

I can't thank the team at Blownoutsparkplug enough!!!

I'll be taking the family for a little Santa Barbara weekend getaway and let them do a complete plug change and tune-up for all 3 of my vehicles!

Best regards,
Tim Grizzle

email: timgrizzle@roadrunner.com

Charles in St. Paul, MN

Ari changed the plugs in our 2002 motor home on 10-09-10.

He showed us the tools and explained the process. Then he worked non-stop for 4 hours.

Our confidence in our motorhome has gone way up. We know the plugs were changed correctly and there will be no problems. Engine ran great all the way from Sahurita, AZ to MN.

Thank you!!! Chuck & Yvonne Erding

email: cyerding@yahoo.com

John in Lakeside, CA

This was a hell of an experience! I was really surprised that Ford acknowledges the problem with the spark plugs, but isn't doing anything about it.

That's where Blownoutsparkplug comes in. It's nice to have someone with the knowledge, experience and expertise to take care of the problem.  I have another F150 a year newer....it's peace of mind knowing that if there is a problem...Eric will fly to our rescue!

WRONG...we aren't waiting for that to happen, we'll be in soon to have them replace and torque the sparkplugs correctly.

Many Thanks, John Jensen!

email: animae109@cox.net

Steve at Cal Fire

Early this year we had a spark plug blow out of one of our propane powered service trucks (F350-V10 on propane).

Since the dealer in town was reluctant to even touch it we called David and were told to drop off the truck at his location we did so and by that afternoon we had the truck back in service.

Hats off to his crew for a job well done, he did the job as bid even with the propane conversation in the way of everything

Thank You,
 Steve Spencer Cal Fire Forestry Equip Manager 1ow!

email: steve.spencer@fire.ca.gov

David in El Cajon, CA

I I met Ric at the Ford dealer. He was replacing the head gaskets on my dads 2003 F350 turbo diesel dually. He did a bang up job!

While talking he mentioned he does the spark plug repair for the 5.4 liter engines and such. About a month later, my 98 Expedition blew out the #3 plug while cruising down the street. I happened to be 2 blocks from his facility.

He told me what to do over the phone and I crippled the truck to his place. He literally had a full tune up and the blown out plug fixed in a matter of hours!

Rick and his crew are awesome! He stands behind his work and is very good at what he does.

A+ service with a smile! Good luck finding a nicer guy with a great work ethic and personality.

Thank You Rick! The truck runs amazing now!

email: turbomkiiisupra@yahoo.com

Bill in Atlanta, GA

I had certain reservations about using BOSP.com in the beginning, although recommended by a Judge.

I had never done anything like this before and questioned every thing.
Ric was most patient, explained it all through out. After A LONG TIME, I bit the bullet.

I will have to say, I do not know who had the most fun.  Ric was quite professional. He walked me through each step with explanations to the point my fears were at rest.

After about 5 hours my Expedition ran like new and has continued to run the same way ever since.

I enjoyed the experience and would recommend BOSP,com to anyone with Expedition problems.

Not only that, Ric was awed by the number of old grown trees in my yard.

Thanks again.

email: twmveach@bellsouth.net

Raymond in Fontana, CA

These guys are TOP NOTCH!!!!! First rate all the way.

Dave fixed my truck over a year ago and it is still running great!!!

I would recommend these guys to EVERYONE and I have recommended them to everyone I know.
He had my truck fixed in about 20 to 30 minutes. I couldn't believe it!!!

I can not say enough about these guys or what they do!!!!


Lynda in Oceanside, CA

What can I say? These guys are incredible! Not only were they able to fix my vehicle with no problems at all; but they made the trip on a Sunday so that I'd be able to make it to work the next day.

The work was done quickly, and professionally; with no residual effects at all.
My vehicle is running great, and I look forward to never having another blown out spark plug!

Thanks so much for such great service!

email: scubasue32@yahoo.com

Ron in Livingston, TX

These mechanics have their act together and are very efficient from start to finish.

Excellent work and price and we couldn't be happier.

email: eldrozd@yahoo.com

Mick in Loomis, CA

It's been 2 years since I had Dave come to my rescue and replace my blown out #3 plug in my 03 Expedition.
I also had him replace all plugs. I've since added something like 70,000 miles and not a peep out of the plugs.

Without a doubt this was one of the most impressive repairs I've ever had done.

If you ever have a blown out plug, you would be nuts to not go this route.


PS I still don't know how Ford gets away with this defect but that's another point.

email: mick@gday.com

Chris in Crestline, CA

Great service. My truck is running great. I am very impressed with the knowledge and experience you all have.

I give your cards and name to anyone that might have this same problem. Anyone can email me for a recommendation.

Thanx again

email: kriscrudup@gmail.com

Frank in Richmond, CA

I wasn't sure if I would trust any type of insert to be installed on my F150 5.4 liter. I actually considered buying new heads but I went ahead and gave Dave a call at Blownoutsparkplug.

At first I hesitated because they are located in So Cal and I live in No Cal. I figured they would charge an arm an a leg. But when I talked to Dave he informed me that he had a repair job in No Cal in a few days and he would only charge me for travel from that repair job to my home. Now that's how you get business!

They arrived at about 7pm and were done by 8pm. You see, my engine hadn't blown a plug yet, but I had changed my plugs a few months earlier and noticed that threads on one cylinder were nearly gone.

Although I was able to torque the new plug to 15lbs, I kept wondering when it would blow out. It sucks having to worry about getting stranded and not knowing if and when it would blow. That's why I called Dave. The new spark plug seat was installed and I put it to the test a couple of weeks later.

Thanks Blownoutsparkplug.com!

email: Frank.Canelo@tomrapacific.com

Robert in Fontana, CA

Had a blown sparkplug #3 on my F150. Looked online and saw that other people had the same thing.

I found Blownoutsparkplug online called them up. They came out that weekend fixed it in about an hour and a half. They are very professional and put in a new set of plugs too.

I'm very happy, my truck runs better than ever. I have about 1500 miles with no problems.

Thanks, great job

email: socal013@yahoo.com

Albert in Fresno, CA

Did a great job on the blown sparkplug and the car is still running good. I'd like it to stay this way for a long time.

email: kenshin_chang88@hotmail.com

Claude in Redlands, CA

Came to my home. Work done was on a Ford V10 motorhome (Lazy Daze). Efficient, friendly and competent work.

When completed you couldn't tell they had been in the RV so, add clean and careful. Very pleased! This engine has a bad reputation for blowing plugs and I wanted to avoid that problem.

Relieved owner!

email: Craftybird@verizon.net

Mike in Scottsdale, AZ

If you are reading this then you probably just found out that Ford wants over $4,000 to repair your truck. It happened to me and thanks to Google I found out about Blownoutsparkplug.com.

It took an evening at the computer to research all my options and when I sent this company a question a response came back within the hour. A few minutes later we were talking on the phone and by the end of our discussion I had made up my mind to try this company out. Within 4 days a mechanic flew into Phoenix. I picked him up and in just a few minutes I could tell he was the "real deal". The entire day was a great experience, just when was the last time you could say that about having you car repaired? By the end of the day I knew I'd hired the right company and for me the price was a real deal including a complete set of new plugs.

If you're still trying to decide which method to use to fix your head I can tell you that this was the most straight forward, honest transaction you could hope to have.

email: mike1_stanley@msn.com

Jeremy in Winchester, CA

First off what I have to say is WOW!!! Dealing with these guys was nothing but pleasant.
Two of the nicest guys I've dealt with!

I had my Ford Lightning blow a spark plug on my way to buying diapers. I had a friend, who is a mechanic, stop by and try to put a helicoil in that I purchased from AutoZone (pieces of junk that are known to fail within a few months). He could not complete the task. He called me the next day quoting me $1400-$2000 to take off the cylinder head and put the helicoil in from the underside.

I thank God that I found Blownoutsparkplug.com. Someone who specializes in blown out spark plugs and will guarantee their work. The mechanic won't. They drove to my house and were nothing but kind and got every spark plug done in about an hour and a half. Well worth the money!!!

Even if you haven't had a blown out spark plug, I would definitely take my vehicle to them and have them replace the spark plugs.

email: pimpinit4fun@gmail.com

Tyler in San Diego, CA

All I can say is wow...Ric's professionalism, quality of work and attention to detail is superb.

I went from looking at thousands of dollars to repair one cylinder head to hundreds to have the repair completed, all other plugs addressed to prevent failure and a tune up!

Ric at Blownoutsparkplug is a quality guy who is making an honest living solving this problem for Ford owners without gauging them.

I highly recommend Blownoutsparkplug's service! I'm still driving my 02 F350 because they made the repair affordable.

Tyler Owen

email: tsowen@san.rr.com

Dan in Tucson, AZ

We had a spark plug blow out and being a mechanic myself for years, this was one job I knew there was no "shade tree" fix for.

I was amazed by the technique and the materials as well as the professionalism of the mechanic; he came right to my home and it was the best money I could have spent.

If you are even considering taking your vehicle into the dealership or your favorite mechanic...please reconsider and at least give this organization a call, FIRST!

Thank you!
email: dan@veteranrelocators.com

Robert in Houston, TX

My 2003 Ford Expedition (104k miles) blew the number 3 spark plug out.

After Ric performed the repairs and service to the truck, my truck has never run better.

Ric is honest, personable, and a good teacher. I learned a lot from just being the helper holding the flashlight.

Ten years ago, I never imagined that I would fly a mechanic (a complete stranger) to my vehicle to make repairs in the field. However, I rationalized the decision by realizing that a blown out spark plug is a specialized problem and not an every day task that mechanics do. So, I wanted an individual who had preformed the procedure hundreds of times. And I didn't want my local mechanic to learn on my truck.

Ric is a very professional and knowledgeable auto mechanic. He is very efficient and has to be with the current weight limits for Air travel. He has had to analyze every step of this procedure, so that he has the right tools for the job.
This efficiency can only be gained through knowledge and experience. If you are in need of this service,

I highly recommend you flying these guys out.

email: robert.barringer@gmail.com

Ken in Garland, TX

My wife's 2001 F250 with a V-10 blew a plug in the #1 cylinder, and after desperately searching the internet for hours I came across the link for Dave and Ric's website. I requested information on Thanksgiving day, and in THREE MINUTES I received a call from Dave. We scheduled the repair....

Dave is amazing and very professional . Not only did he do the repair, but also found two other previously replaced plugs that were hand-tight only.....a disaster waiting to happen.

THANK YOU Dave for providing this great service. Will be calling back in the future when the plugs are ready for their next change. The truck runs as it did brand new.

I highly recommend this company to anyone with this problem..

email: k.vrla@tx.rr.com

Michael in Santa Rosa, CA

My experience was fine. Dave called me and said he was going to be up in my area (I had previously asked to be contacted) and wanted to know if I would like him to come by and replace the spark plugs in my 2001 Ford E350. My van is pretty low mileage and was not having any problems, but I wanted to avoid any future problems with spark plugs blowing out.

Dave suggested I get the plugs changed by him and that this would assure me that the plugs would not loosen in future due to improper torque values. This seemed like good insurance to me. So I went with it. Dave and his son showed up as agreed, got right to work and carried out the work quickly and professionally.

Dave was honest. He told me that all the plugs he removed were torqued down well and would not have loosened. He showed me that they were changed because they were not the original Motorcraft brand. Dave explained that he would be putting in the factory specified plugs and making sure all carbon deposits on the spark plug seats would be removed to insure that the new plugs would stay put.

I appreciate when people give an honest assessment and not try to "pull the wool over your eyes" by telling you false information. Because he was honest I felt like the work that was performed was done to the high standards that I was told it would be done to. I feel that now my van will run for many miles without the concern that my spark plugs could blow out, requiring a more major repair and major inconvenience.

I would recommend using Blownout Spark Plug to take care of any of the problems that can arise from the Ford Triton engines. The work was performed as promised and delivered professionally and honestly.

email: michael@brmexhibit.com

Mark in ST. Charles, MO

Ric fixed my 2001 Ford Van (5.4L) last June when it had about 118K miles on it. Since then I am now at 130K including two 2500 mile cross country trips. It runs perfect.

I can't express adequately how impressed I was with both Eric and his process. It is very rare and gratifying to find someone with a passion for excellence in what they do.

Highly recommended to anyone out there. I am still amazed that he turned a rotten situation into a process I actually enjoyed!

Sincerely, Mark Muenks    636-240-7061

email: mmuenks@materialogic.com

Neil in San Diego, CA

Hi Ric, Just wanted to thank you for the terrific job you did on my wife's Hyundai Elantra!

The car runs great now and you saved my neck! The first mechanic I called gave me and estimate of $1200.00 and you did it for far less! You kept me informed on the progress of the job and gave me real piece of mind that a true professional was handling my problem.

I would recommend you to anyone who has a blownout sparkplug or a similar problem as you surely know what your doing. Thanks again!

email: sdwebs2000@gmail.com

Michael in Venture, CA

So, I have a Pt Cruiser and my spark plug blew out. I was looking around everywhere for a solution that would fix it.

I found Blownoutsparkplug.com and read through their testimonials just like you are and was convinced. THIS WAS THE SOLUTION. I contacted Dave and he had told me that they had never repaired a PT Cruiser before.

We set up date to fix my car. ON THANKSGIVING. That's right ON THANKSGIVING. with no extra charge because he was going through my city anyways that day.

Within 1 hour my car was running perfectly. I have not experienced any problems, and if I do, I know that I can just call up the professional guys at Blownoutsparkplug.com to come out and take a look.


email: grassm@hotmail.com

Roy in Wilmington, DE

My 2003 Expedition blew out a spark plug on my way to work. I had my truck towed to the local shop. The shop said I had 2 options, replace the damaged cylinder head, or the shop could perform a tap and thread insert solution. The only solution that came with a guarantee was a cylinder head replacement.

I returned home & investigated my options on the internet, where it became apparent that the only reliable and economical solution was the BlownOutSparkPlug solution.

BlownOutSparkPlugs tapered insert; from an engineering stand point is clearly superior to other available non tapered options. My dilemma or so it appeared, was that Blown out was located in West coast & I was located on the East coast. As it turned out, I got lucky; David was in the Baltimore area already.

David traveled 2 hours North on I 95 thru heavy traffic and rain & arrived at my house promptly on time. Two hours later, my expedition was running better than ever. David, as it turned out is a very accomplished machinist and mechanic. Blown Out machines all of their own tooling as well as their tapered inserts. Prior to use in the field each and every one of their inserts is fit tested in aluminum head by hand at their shop. These days, it is unusual to get services as advertised.

I received above and beyond service from David. But most importantly I can rely on my vehicle again. Without this solution, I would have not had faith that other spark plugs would not have blown out of my 5.4 Expedition.

Smart guys, Smart product, Smart money spent!

Thank you David, Roy Bastin

email: roybas1@comcast.net

Michael in Castro Valley, CA

My 2000 F250 V10 with 95,000 miles on it blew a spark plug just as I was about to pull into my office. What a horrific noise it made too as everyone at work stared at me limping into the parking lot.

I had the truck towed to the Ford Store in San Leandro, who the 'sales' guy went on to give me three options.
1. Use a cheap insert that was not guaranteed to last, no warranty.
2. New cylinder head, but then you would need two of them to "balance"??? or
3. Buy a new engine because replacing two cylinder heads would cost just as much as putting in a new engine.

What? This guy was nuts so I drove the truck back home (unplugged the fuel injection and power to the blown unit) and proceeded to do my own research on the Internet. Thank God I found out about "BlownOutSparkPlug". I called and left a message with my problem and to get back to me right away. This was Friday afternoon and Dave got right back to me, but of course I was out by that time.

After a couple rounds of phone tag, I got to speak to Dave and determine the real cause of my unit blowing. Dave did a great job explaining how they would fix it and any others they find. I needed my truck back in order ASAP, but I was leaving for a trip to Asia the next week... great timing for this to blow just as I was about to leave. I asked Dave if he could drive up the 250 miles to work on my truck at my house while I was away in Asia.

Dave said sure and after making all the arrangements, I just gave Dave my credit card number, address and where to find the key, and then I left for my trip with a little angst about leaving my home open to a complete stranger. My girl friend said I was nuts to give my house key out like that, but what was I going to do, what another week to get it repaired?

When I arrived back from my trip to Asia, I found my truck in perfect working order and everything in my garage and house just as I had left everything. Dave was able to get the plug hole repaired and even repaired another one that was about to blow at no extra cost. He also took all of the others out, replaced and re-torqued them to the correct lbs.

I would recommend these guys to anyone. They have proven their skill, honesty and responsibility to me when Dave had the key to my house.

Thanks guys, Mike

email: mikeschilds@hotmail.com

Jerry in Ontario, CA

They responded quickly to my call, came out and did exactly what they said they were going to do. That's what I call good service. My truck runs perfectly now.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

email: usmjjohnson@yahoo.com

Matt in Escondido, CA

When one of my spark plugs blew out in my Ford Crown Victoria, I did some research online and found various options, including buying a tool to do the job myself. I considered that for a while. However, when I saw Blownoutsparkplugs site, I was convinced to go with them. I am very glad I did.

They were very professional, took care of me that same day, and did everything they said they would do. This is a top-notch operation!

Thanks Ric!
Matt in Escondido, CA

email: mathewfoster@cox.net

Chris in 29 Palms, CA

I have a 2001 Ford Excursion and have blown out two spark plugs! Ric took care of this problem in a timely fashion and was totally flexible with my hectic schedule.

Ric took my vehicle in on short notice and performed a suburb job in a timely manner. Not only the Excursion running better than it had before, I also saved about $6,000 to $7,000 grand that it would have cost to repair at the dealer.

There are other do-it yourself products out there, but I don't have the time or patients and besides I can't guarantee my own work. Thanks guy's!

I would highly recommend Blownoutsparkplug to anyone.

email: corpsmanpt@aol.com

Barlow in Hacienda Heights, CA

If there is any question as to the professionalism of this company, rest assured they are extremely professional in what they do.

I had them replace the 10 sparkplugs and boots on my 2002 Lazy Daze Motorhome and I am completely satisfied as are other Lazy daze owners who had the same service provided. As a result I would highly recommend them.

email: btomlazydaze@yahoo.com

Paul in Tustin, CA

Dave came to our house on the day he said he would. His son came with him. They went right to work, knew exactly what to do.

VERY EFFICIENT, CLEAN and FAST. I was VERY IMPRESSED and happy with the results.

Ours was a preventative service, not a problem call.

email: ursula@jammin.com

Dave in Cedar Springs, MI

My 2000 Ford truck spit a spark plug, pulling out most of the threads with it. On closer inspection I found that it had been repaired before with an over sized steel bushing. Great! Now I have a over size hole with no threads.

I called Rick at Blownoutsparkplug. He said that he has seen this before, and that he could fix it right. He did to. I never felt better about a repair. Rick got right on it ,and when he was done my truck was down the road and running great.

Rick isn't only a spark plug guy but a top notch auto. tech. Rick saved me money on this repair but he saved me something more then money, Down Time! Thank You Rick.

I never had such a good time getting my truck fixed.

email: davenkelley@chartermi.net

Dennis in Bloomfield Hills, MI

I was frustrated with Ford's recommended "fix" of this problem (try a Helicoil and if it fails then replace the head at $3500) and knew it was a temporary solution. After reading all of the testimonials, I contacted Rick and he assured me that he has never had failures.

I was surprised at how simple a process he uses and how thorough he is in making sure everything is done correctly. I was hoping he had a partner in the Midwest, but he was willing to fly to Detroit and do my repair. Even with the cost of a flight, Rick saved me money on the repair and assures me that I can expect no further failures. He was very professional and did not mind explaining the steps he goes through. If Ford were smart, they would buy his process and distribute the solution through their dealer network.

I will gladly recommend him to anyone that encounters this problem. Thanks Rick!

email: delitoth@att.net

Scott in Livermore, CA

Dave did a great job repairing my truck. After doing many hrs of research on the net and talking with many knowledgeable friends. I contacted them through the web page at 10:30pm on a Sunday night and at 10:55pm my phone rang with Dave on the phone asking if I wanted him to drive up in the morning to fix my truck I agreed to a price over the phone and Monday morning at 9:30am he was at my house ready to start the work. By 11:30am he had my truck running better then it had in a long time. I would highly recommend Blownoutsparkplug.com to others.

email: scott8x5@excite.com

Peter in Apple Valley, CA

Thank you for the great work you did on my Ford 15-passenger van.

I broke down in Orange County, CA last Thursday night and the van was fixed and sounding better than ever the next evening. I take long trips through our desert regions and you can't beat the peace of mind of knowing that for a reasonable price, you've eliminated forever a common and easily-recurring engine problem that costs people thousands to get only partly fixed at the (raw) dealer.

I feel blessed to have found your service on the internet when I did. I plan to tell all our friends (and anyone else who'll listen) with similar Ford big vans and trucks about your website. Please send more of your business cards, if possible.

Thanks again. Pete Q

email: res1twgc@verizon.net

Darryl in Huntington Beach, CA

AMAZING !!! I can’t think of a better single word to describe the product and workmanship these guys provide.

I submitted a request for information on their website about 3pm. Within the hour, I got a call from David who answered all my questions and offered an appointment for that same evening.

I depend on my F250 Superduty to make a living. So, I needed it fixed fast and I needed it fixed right. I should mention, the plug that blew had been repaired before. I knew this because the blown plug had an insert still on it and it exactly matched the picture of “other failed inserts” on their website.

Anyway, after following David’s instructions to unplug the fuel injector, I drove two hours and arrived in El Cajon at 6pm. I then watched Ric and Kevin work together like two veteran surgeons and in exactly 90 minutes they not only repaired the blown plug port but they also inspected and installed new plugs in the other 7. The $650.00 dollars I paid was great.


email: deshbca@gmail.com

Barlow in Hacienda Heights, CA

This company was recommended by a Lazy Daze owner who had his Spark Plugs replaced so I gave them a call.

Since it was not convenient for me to go to either of their locations, they arranged to come where the Motorhome is stored at a time convenient to all.

I was extremely impressed at the high level of professionalism they exhibited. The replacement of the Spark Plugs is not an easy job. It requires not only the correct tools, but the necessary Knowledge, which they have.

I would definitely recommend them.


Edgar in Chula Vista, CA

I Have Ford 2001 Expedition that had a Blown Out Spark plug.

This is that first time I even heard of it!. I thought to myself, how can you blown out a spark plug as it is threaded in the cylinder head.

Anyways, I usually work on my own car and was trying to figure out where the engine noise was coming from and I found out that one of spark plugs has blown out or (stripped the treads). I told to myself, Wow! This is going to be a lot of work. I need to replaced the cylinder head,

I started looking online for a cylinder head and for some reason Blownoutsparkplug.com came up, I contacted Ric and it was pretty nice that I could ask him a few questions first like including how much and how long it was going to take and decided to make the appointment to get it repaired.

They are very professional. They will take care of your vehicle professionally. I will recommend them to everyone.

Note!! The cost of the repair was less than what I expected, Thanks Ric!!!!


email: edgarpueblo@yahoo.com

Malcolm in Bellbrook, OH

I found these guys via Google using the search "blown spark plug". It worked and I was quickly contacted by them to explain my plight, they responded well and they were very understanding.

They were very quick at setting things into motion, a little too quickly I first thought.
I was a little concerned as to whether I had made the right decision, those thoughts were allayed when I met Ric, he was a warm well motivated guy, with a very professional manner about him, keen to get the job done and confident of his ability to do so, without the need to do so much of what any Ford dealership would have you believe needs to be done, with an exaggerated cost.

Ric knew he could do the repair without the need and or the expense Ford quoted. Ric flew in on Saturday evening and stayed overnight with us, got up early Sunday morning did the work, with the very specialized tools they had developed, removing and cleaning all the plug ports repairing the damaged port before replacing all eight plugs and checking the work.

We ran the truck around the block I even drove him back to the airport Sunday afternoon for his flight home in it.
That was last year and the truck is still running better than it ever did before.

If you have doubts that's understandable, but trust these guys, I did and I'm very thankful I did.


Dick in Santee, CA

I had my 2000 Ford 150 Spark Plugs changed by the Blownoutsparkplug crew.
My truck had 94000 miles on it and I did not have a problem just wanted a plug change.
I was told by a friend of mine about Blownoutsparkplug and decided to try them.
I was very satisfied with there work. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Thanks Blownoutsparkplug guys.


Gene in Mobile, AL

While staying at a campground in Alabama this spring on our way home from a winter in Florida, I started the engine in my 2000 Winnebago Chieftain Ford V10 and there was that all to familiar POP! I had blown out plug #7 with just 47000 miles on the coach.

This was a familiar sound as two years earlier at 37000 miles I had blown out #4. At that time a helicoil was put in at a local Ford dealer at a cost of nearly $1000.00. After this second occurrence, I checked out the web and found the Blownoutsparkplug.com site.

I called Ric and he responded quickly, we discussed my options, he flew in to make the repair after assuring me that this would be the last of this problem.

I found Rick to be professional and fun to have around for the weekend. My repair was completed to my satisfaction and all is well to date. We have gone approximately 1500 miles since the repair and are looking forward to Florida again this winter. I would recommend checking with Ric if you're having this problem.

Gene Hahl   419-625-1365.

email: ehaccurate@sbcglobal.net

Toby in Riverside, CA

Still working good!

email: tobyeklund@gmail.com

Tim in Colorado Springs, CO

I would like to say that these guys are great. Usually I do my auto work myself, but not this.

I drove from Colorado to California to meet with Dave. I had purchased the plug that they sell to replace the #3 plug for the trip. I met with Dave on Christmas Eve and he was great. Could not ask for better service. About 3 hours or so later, my 1999 Expedition was running better than new.

He was very knowledgeable when I had questions for him and VERY fair price. I now have a vehicle that I can trust. It is incredible how efficient their system is for fixing this issue. I would highly recommend their service to anyone having this issue.

email: proudeagle622@comcast.net

Dick in Santee, CA

I have a 2000 F 150 with 94,000 Miles. Needed a Tune up/Spark Plug change. Ford quoted a price that was unbelievable. I found out from a friend about Blownoutsparkplug. I called Ric and set up an appointment. Workmanship was outstanding & down time was at a minimum. I was really impressed with Ric's service & knowledge. The truck runs better and gas mileage increased as well as power. I highly recommend Blownoutsparkplug to any one. you cannot beat the price. Thanks Ric

email: Richardbird@cox.net

Don in Hermiston, OR

Picked up Dave at the airport after noon and stopped for some lunch. He had the truck completely finished by just after 3 p.m. He explained the importance of all the steps he took to fix the truck as I watched the process.

These guys know what they are doing. I highly recommend their services.

email: curlysfast80@hotmail.com

Chris in Lakeway, TX

What can I say? After having this coil issue previously and paying the price dearly for a botched helicoil and after 8 almost getting soaked for a new head, BlowOutSparkPlug.com came to my rescue and did exactly what all these other comments I read said they would do.

1. They were prompt, courteous and professional.
2. Their fees were appropriate and cost sensitive.
3. Their technician was proficient and capable.
4. My truck has never run so good.

Hat's off to the entire team.

email: clevy@nfagroup.com

Bob in Long Beach, California

I didn't have a plug problem, but after reading about other's incidents with blown out spark plugs, I decided to make an appointment with Dave for my 1st plug change. I had 70,000 miles on a 1999 5.4 Van.

My wife and I drove to Solvang. Dave met us at the hotel and took my Van on Friday night. The Mrs. and I had a good dinner and some window shopping in Solvang. Before checkout time on Saturday he had completed the change and delivered my Van. The price was right, and I feel more secure with an expert torqueing the plugs. It was easy to set up the appointment.

Dave met all my expectations, and I would highly recommend giving him a call about your Ford engine.

email: firecu@ix.netcom.com

Steve in Beach Park, Illinois

I had a blown out spark plug on my F250. I had it replaced with an aluminum insert by a qualified mechanic. Then I blew another one and had another aluminum insert put in. Then finally blew out the first insert that was put in. Upon doing more research, I found out that this was all due to a design flaw in the head. Only 5 threads on the plugs. Ford would admit nothing and the NTSB will make them do nothing because to their knowledge, no one has been killed as a result of this flaw.

I didn't want to buy a new head because the problem still existed and it would have been quite expensive. I then came across Blownoutsparkplug. I contacted them and they came out and fixed my truck on one of the coldest days of our very bad winter. I have not had any problems since.

I found out that Ric was also a certified Ford Master Mechanic and was more then aware of the problem and the CORRECT way to fix it.

My thanks to Blownoutsparkplug. I do now believe I can put another 135,000 miles on my truck.

email: stevebrown8828@sbcglobal.net

Steve in Whittier, California

Dave called and said that he was ready to put me on his schedule to work on my 02 26' MB Lazy Daze on the E-450 chassis.

I asked him when he could come over and much to my surprise he said that he was working in my area and would come over in about 3 hours! Three hours later and he arrived, got set up in my driveway and went to work. Dave is very professional, efficient, skilled and got the job done in no time.

I highly recommend the services of Dave and Blownoutsparkplug.com

email: srkuns@msn.com

George from Laguna Beach, California

Thanks Dave for the opportunity to thank you for a super professional job on the Lazy Daze V- 10. The job wasn't easy due to the cut-away chassis, yet you made it look easy. Your attention to detail got my attention. The engine has been running great and I feel lots better while prowling my off-road haunts in Colorado.

Thanks again,

email: lagunageorge04@yahoo.com

Malcolm in Bellbrook, Dayton, Ohio

Job well done Well what a total delight to meet with this guy, Ric. After suffering the all too familiar popping of the blown number 3 spark plug on my Ford Expedition 5.4 Liter, I scanned the internet for a solution and found this wonderful site, read up on the process and felt yes these guys know what there doing.

The cost was a fraction of what I had been quoted by a dealer, $3,000.00 and more expensive than a local garage, $300.00, the difference that impressed me was these guys stand behind there work with a guarantee, no B.S. if it fails he’d fix it, although with there track record of over 400 repairs without failure, I would not expect to collect on that promise.

Ric is a delight to meet, down to earth, friendly, informative, Knowledgeable, and likable, he bought just enough tooling to do the job, flew in Saturday evening, flew out Sunday evening, with plenty of time to spare, the whole job took two and a half hours, repair of the problem cylinder #3, cleaning of the cylinder threads and replacement of the rest of the plugs, he even replaced a vacuum pipe which had split, at no extra charge, what a guy.

Ric had cleaned and packed his tools away and cleaned up the whole place in minutes, we went on a test drive to confirm that the repair was complete, I even drove Ric to the Airport in it. The truck hasn’t run better even when I originally bought it, and the mileage performance has increased to boot.

Trust your instinct, I did, and couldn’t be happier.

email: Malcolmowen9988@sbcglobal.net

Philip in San Marcos, California

When all of a sudden, your dealer maintained SUV pops out a spark plug, you find out that your dealers service department wants you to spend $3-4K (Yes thousands) to rebuild your cylinder head!!!!!!!!! Not only that, but it may cost more due to "unforeseen damage" !!!!! Thank goodness for the Internet and forums discussing solutions for problems that We regular folk run into. . . It's a big issue this "popping sparkplug" syndrome. . . I read everything about this Ford engine malady and luckily found Eric in Southern California. . . We discussed his repair techniques and costs. . . what a great price. . . My car was done the NEXT day. . . running like new !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called the Ford dealer back and asked why no one ever mentioned this issue to me before during any of the previous scheduled services. . . no answer ????? I'm going to have him check my other trucks now, before the problem occurs. . . Don't wait for your dealer, they just want to make money at your expense!!!

email: pkp500@gmail.com

Chad in Kansas City, Missouri

Thanks Ric for doing a great job fixing my F-250 V10. I now feel more than confident that I can take my truck anywhere and not have anymore problems with plugs since you fixed it. I must say flying in a mechanic is not something most people would think about, but I was very impressed with the work you did and how smooth everything went. You are a Godsend for anyone who has had to deal with these spark plug problems and I would recommend you to anyone needing this service. Thanks again for doing a great job, I felt the money I spent to have you come here was well worth the confidence I know have that my blowout spark plug problem is fixed for good. Thanks, Chad

email: Kansascityemt@live.com

Aaron in San Diego, CA

Ok, this gentleman was an absolute lifesaver. He's a great guy, down to earth, great personality, etc. There was another gentleman that assisted that I didn’t get a chance to thank and I would like to do that now. Quickly, my story goes as such. I had problems with my previous truck and decided to buy this one. It’s a 1999 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer. At the time I figured a note was better than repairs. Well, within no time, I was driving back to the Midwest, and the bad news hit me with a vengeance. I blew a plug in the middle of New Mexico. Ford told me while there to get a new head. They don’t have any luck or good news with plugs, inserts, heli coils, etc. I order it. 1wk later and still stuck in New Mexico they come and stated "Its going to take longer to get the head". GREAT! I spoke to the supervisors and came to an agreement. They could have a new motor with new everything in one day along with one day installation. THE PRICE I ask. We settled on me being out on the day after the next. I walked out with my new motor and $5500.00 in expenses on a truck I owned for a short time. The warranty was for 3 yrs and was supposed to have the “new High Performance Head” that WAS supposed to fix the problem. Well, guess what. 1 wk ago, it did it again. Sad part was I was 3mo out of my full Ford warranty. Isn’t that something? ANYHOW, being a little bent, heated, ticked, and emotionally bruised I posted on F150 online. One of the individuals recommended Blownoutsparkplug.com!. I looked briefly, and saw the price. I researched other types of fixes such as timesert or heli-coils, etc. After calling, Blownoutsparkplug.com knew their material and was a pleasure to be around. From here on out as long as I am here in San Diego, and he is providing his expertise, I will refer and call him for all my spark plug needs. On a scale of 1-10 and 10 being the best I say a “definite 10 out of 10”. The timing, the quality, the cost, and the great customer service, and I can go on. I will recommend and refer other to them without a doubt. Thanks Blownoutsparkplug.com!!!!!

email: Unavailable at this time

Eric in Bethel, CT

What can I say? I was "blown out" of the water with the service I received from both Dave and Ric. This was the 3rd plug that I have blown in a 2000 F-250. The one Ric had to repair had blown out once before and was repaired by a local shop with a "Time sert" which failed. Of course, my shop told me there was no guarantee and that I need a new head at a huge price tag of $3,500. So I did some research and found these guys. I was impressed with Ric's professionalism and preparedness to complete the job. His one suitcase and briefcase contained all the necessary specialized tooling to repair the plug. My father in law, an auto mechanic with over 45 years of experience, came along to the shop to watch the repair. (just for his own !) He was equally impressed with the knowledge and skill Ric possessed. Once Ric finished I needed to bring him to the airport which is 2 hours away, so I said half jokingly should we take this truck? Because we live in Connecticut and Ric is in California I have to admit that my wife was a bit skeptical. "In this day and age there is NO ONE on the entire east coast that could perform the same job?" is what she asked. Reluctantly she trusted my decision and we hired him to fly across the country to repair the truck. Well, she certainly had to eat her words after a four hour job resulted in a "clean bill of health" for the truck. We were initially intending to repair the plug and "park it". We were shopping for a new vehicle and were hopefully going to sell this one. However, Ric's confidence in the repair convinced us that we could drive it into the ground. So not only did this repair cost significantly less than the original estimate we now won't need to have a monthly car payment for a new vehicle! A definite win win situation for all!

email: emsprock@comcast.net

Caltrans in Santa Barbara, CA

We were informed by Ford of a company that was mobile and that could fix the situation we had with very little down time. A spark plug blew out of #3 cylinder on a 5.4L engine with over 145,000 miles on it. It also had an additional propane fuel system installed which crated a repair and maintenance nightmare. None of the shops wanted to take on the job due to the uncertain amount of time and the costs which could occur during disassembly while working in the restricted space available and weather the repair was even possible. Upon contacting Blownoutsparkplug, they were very precise in their estimation of the cost and time to repair. They changed their schedule to meet our repair request and came to our location and repaired the one cylinder and replaced all of the other plugs in the unit, all in about three hours. The repair was warranted and to this day we have not had any problems with the unit.

Thanks Guys, J.F. Santa Barbara, CA

email: john.florence@dot.ca.gov

David in San Diego, CA

We were pleased with the speed and quality of the job preformed. No problems since the repair was made.


Don in Leona Valley, CA

We found Blowout Sparkplugs was easy to find. The work was done in a courteous and timely manner. He did an excellent job of clean up when the job was finished & we feel it was well worth the cost. Thank you, Don Sitts

email: sitts@rpmwin.com

Susan in Panama City Beach, FL

My problem was in a 2000, 37 ft. Winnebago Motorhome that had lost the same plug 3 times. David was professional and courteous. He explained what he was doing and put up with my inadequate air compressor. He left everything neat and clean. A couple of weeks later I took it out on a test ride ( a week and 800 miles) and so far everything is working well. It sounds even better than before the plug came out this time. I would recommend this process to any one with a sparkplug problem. If you are out of warranty don't even bother with the dealer.

email: suenrons@aol.com

David in San Diego, CA

We were pleased with the speed and quality of the job performed. No problems since the repair was made.

email: david@zwhizz.com

Darryl in Fayetteville, GA

Recently my '99 Ford E350 V10 blew number 4, and I was surprised to learn that this could even happen! The Dealer recommended a new engine and the other option was a head replacement that would still cost several thousand dollars. I did some further research and discovered Blownoutsparkplug has this repair mastered. I submitted an email to BLOWNOUTSPARKPLUG.com and the next day I got a call from Dave. Living in Fayetteville, GA, and on a tight budget, I was a little reluctant to take the step, but the more I looked into it, the more cost-effective the solution appeared. I set up some preliminary arrangements and Dave took it from there. I picked up Dave at the Airport, brought him to my home, and he did exactly what he said he would do, and more, for the price I was quoted. I was extremely satisfied with the work done and I would recommend them to anyone who has the misfortune of blowing out a sparkplug; they have a great process that is efficient and mechanically sound, they have excellent customer service, and they provide a unique, professional-grade service that is really valuable to anyone in this situation.         

email: vanmeter7@bellsouth.net

Steve in Fort Walton Beach, FL

My '99 F-350 V-10 blew out a spark plug two years ago. The local Ford dealer fixed it with an insert. However, last weekend when I changed the plugs and coil boots, I couldn't tighten the new plug in the cylinder they repaired. Since I had an insert stuck in there, I couldn't use a Time Sert kit or other DIY repair. Another member of the Ford trucks forum gave me the link to BlownOutSparkPlug, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I submitted my info through the website, and Dave called me three minutes later. Because I'm in Florida, he would have to travel out here to do the repair. The next weekend, Dave caught a red-eye out of CA and arrived at my house Saturday morning (we waited a week to keep the airfare reasonable...thanks Dave!). The entire job took less than three hours, and that included his removing all the other spark plugs, inspecting the threads, cleaning the sealing surface, and re-torquing them all. He explained each step and was extremely professional.  Steve Kintop

email: bigstevekintop@yahoo.com

Mitch in Huntington Beach, CA

I am posting this comment, after having had Ric come up from El Cajon just this morning to fix my car, because of the excellent and professional job he did. I have a 1997 Ford Expedition with 125,970 miles on it. It blew the #3 plug a month ago and after much consternation and a couple of phone calls to Huntington Beach Ford, I was told that my only recourse was to replace the head at a cost of $2500.00 per side or $4500.00 for both. A neighbor of mine told me about using a Heli-Coil or similar insert, so I contacted a local garage and asked them, if they could put in an insert and if so, how much it would be. I had already bought a new set of plugs, at a cost of $56 and a new coil pack for $50, thinking I might try to reseat the plug myself. They told me that it would be $450.00 with no guarantee that it would hold. It was still cheaper than $2500.00 for a new head so I agreed to give it a try. Four weeks after having the "repair" done, I was accelerating from an intersection and heard that all to familiar "pop" of the plug being blown out and suspected immediately that it was probably the same plug they had "fixed". I had the car towed back to the garage after calling them and letting them know my suspicion, which was confirmed when I lifted the hood and saw the #3 plug sitting up against the fuel rail. After diagnosing that it had blown out the "insert" and that they didn't think they could get anything to stay in the head they told me I would have to replace the head, at an additional cost of $2300.00. At this point I thought I would give it one more shot on the internet to see if there was an alternative solution, and VOILA, I came across Blownoutsparkplug.com. I called Ric and he answered immediately and I explained my situation. His response was "Not to worry, I can get up to H.B. on Sat. am and we'll get your Expedition fixed correctly". I was elated to see when he arrived that he was driving an identical car to mine. Guess he does have a lot of faith in his preventative maintenance procedure!!! Anyway, he was fully equipped with a load of custom designed tools and we (I had to watch to see how to do it the right way) had the blown plug replaced and all new plugs installed and torqued correctly (six of the new plugs I had just had installed were already loose) in less than two hours. My only regret is that I didn't come across their website before throwing away $550.00 on an obviously amateur repair job that didn't last a month. I am certain that after watching the whole procedure, that this fix will last a long time and I will finally have peace of mind and not have to worry about when the next plug will blow.
Thanks again Ric and keep up the great work!!!

email: mitchbro@aol.com

Chris in Sacramento, CA

These guy's are great. Our 2003 Expedition spit out a spark plug on a Thursday. I heard about these folks and gave them a call. They called back right away. We discussed the issue and they quoted me a price to drive from Santa Ynez to Sacramento and repair the car. Dave arrived Saturday morning and went to work. A couple of hours later we were up and running. I would recommend there services to anybody.

email: ctstaab@surewest.net

Dick in Covina, CA

I blew out the #9 plug on my wife's 1997 E350 V-10 the afternoon before a big horse show, and of course she expected me to buy her a new tow vehicle by the next day. After putzing around the internet and realizing how expensive this repair was likely to be, I stumbled into the Blownoutsparkplug.com website and gave them a call, which was returned in under 5 minutes! Dave and Ric were on site within about 4 hours and the work was completed about 3 hours later, despite the fact that Econolines are pretty difficult to work on, and it was dark about half way through the job. They were very nice, explained everything, were obvious experts in their field, and I would recommend them to any and all. Dick Cromie

email: cromierj@msn.com

Willie in Baltimore, MD

My #3 plug blew on my 03 Expedition in late Aug 08. Ric came out to Baltimore, MD on LABOR DAY weekend!!! I had researched the issue and every place I looked all mentioned Blownoutsparkplug.com as the only place with a well documented permanent repair. Ric flew out on a red eye Saturday night and arrived at BWI airport at 10:30 Sunday morning. I picked him up and we went straight to my house and he got started. Ric answered my questions as he went along (I know that had to drive him nuts but it never showed). He even broke one of his tools in the middle of the repair but he adapted and completed the repair in under 2 hours. Ric had another in guy in New Jersey drive down to Baltimore and pick him up so he could repair his Expedition as well. Ric even pointed out to me that one of my coil packs was rusted and was going to need to be replaced. Ric cleaned it up for me and told me to replace it when I get a chance but the others looked good. The rusted one is acting up now so I ordered a couple off of eBay and will replace it myself after watching Ric remove them. The dealer wanted 750 to try and repair it and would not warranty the work. To make it even worse the kit they would have used doesn't hold and if that had happened they would have then tried to get me for $4000.00 for a head replacement. For $800.00 plus $250.00 for a roundtrip ticket on Delta (on short notice no less) I get a permanent repair and piece of mind. Ford really needs to step up and take care of this issue. I'll be keeping my truck but not to keen on any future Ford purchases after this experience.

email: williecofield1@verizon.net

Perry in Inglewood, CA

I would like to say that I could not be happier with my 2001 Lincoln Navigator after the guys at BLOWNOUTSPARKPLUG were done with it. the email response was the fastest time in my life. I think Dave got back to me within 3-4mins of me pressing send. I happened to luck out and one of the guys had a service call not too far from my home. They showed up on a SUNDAY almost right after football started, and within 3 hours had managed to repair the number 8 plug. What makes it so different is that the #4 and #8 are tucked deep under the hood / firewall and are very hard to reach as well as the fact that I have the rare 2001 5.4L where you can't even see or get to the EGR valve without dropping the engine. Anyway, I couldn't wait for them to leave so I could give it a real test drive and have something go wrong so I can call them back to do it again, LOL the laugh was on me, it runs better now than before, these guys are amazing. I already told 3 friends with Fords/Lincolns about them.

email: slvrtung@gmail.com

Judith on the Central Coast, CA

Every part of the service given by Dave Mahlmeister was extraordinary. He called me within a few minutes of receiving my email on Wednesday night, set me up for service that Saturday and offered to expedite delivery of the emergency kit or even have it hand delivered to me by a colleague passing nearby the following day. As it turns out, Dave actually personally retrieved my 1997 Ford F150 from the Ford dealer in San Luis Obispo, installed the emergency kit and drove it down to his shop on Friday night. Not only was he wonderfully accommodating, he dealt with yet another issue, a blown front tire enroute, with skill, grace and humor. Dave finished the repair to my truck Saturday morning and had it waiting for me, running fine (and clean! something it hadn't been in a while) when I arrived early that afternoon. He explained what he had done, showed me the tools used to do it, offered me my old sparkplugs back (and explained why I should ask for that on any future replacements) and was in every way helpful and informative. When I found out that my truck, bought used 3 years ago, had had a blownout sparkplug before unbeknownst to me, I was especially glad that I chose this company to do the repair instead of going with the dealer's suggestion of a helicoil. Turns out that, in addition to the current blowout of #4, #1 had been repaired with a helicoil in the past; removing the plug to replace it broke the old helicoil and required an oversize insert. If I had gone with the dealer's suggestion of a helicoil along with replacement of the rest of the plugs, I would have ended up having to buy a replacement cylinder head instead at a I purchased the high reliability service (inserts for all of the sparkplugs, blown or not). So, for $1800 ($700 less than the estimate for a helicoil fix for ONE plug plus replacements for others, thousands less than replacing one or more cylinder heads or the entire engine), I got terrific service and better still, peace of mind. I don't have to worry about this again and can go back to enjoying and trusting my truck. Dave and Blownoutsparkplug.com gave amazing service. I will recommend them to anyone and have already proactively advised all of my friends with 1997-2008 Fords. I am happy to reply to emails requesting an individual recommendation.

email: judi@bstgreen.net

Tom in Mera Mesa, CA

We have a 2003 Ford Expedition with only 60,000 miles we experienced a blown spark plug. We received the estimate from the Ford dealer at nearly $3,600 for the repair and we also learned it was a known problem but Ford was not doing anything about it. I don't know about anyone else, but just coming up with $3,600 is not easy. We did some searching on the Internet to better understand the problem and to see if that estimate was valid. We came across Blownoutsparkplug.com, but were a little leery considering it was $3,000 cheaper to repair the problem. I was talking about my situation with a friend and as soon as I mentioned Blownoutsparkplug.com, they knew right away who I was talking about. With so many people having this problem, I guess word gets around about good service! With that reassurance we called Dave up and we were fortunate enough where we fit into Ric's travel schedule here in San Diego so that we only had to wait a few days. Once he arrived, he got right to work. He explained the problem, told us how procedure works and how long it will take. Now, more than 6 months later, we have not had any additional problems and the Expedition is still running great. If you are reading these testimonials, you are probably in the same situation that we were in 6 months ago. It will be worth your time to call them and let him know your situation. It was the best decision we made.

email: nagol@san.rr.com

Roman in Lufkin, TX

Absolutely outstanding! Great work and great price. I was also impressed with the time it took for the repair: began work at 9:50 am and done at 11:55 am. Smooth and impressive! Don't hesitate hiring these boys for the job. No disappointments here. As of 9/7/08 it's been over six months and 7200 miles since the repair - still going strong!

email: roman_piper_collins@hotmail.com

Charles in Wauseon, OH

My 2001 F150 with 150K miles blew the #3 cylinder while I was attending the SNCOA at Maxwell AFB Alabama. I live in Ohio and when the plug blew, I was 4 days away from graduating and returning home when this occurred. I had it towed to a local Ford Dealer and they informed me that the head cracked when the plug blew and it was going to cost me $4,500 and another 5 days to fix. All this was unacceptable so I gave Ric a text message. He returned my text almost immediately and after 2 days of contemplating I followed Ric's advice of driving the truck home on 7 cylinders. Well, 780 miles later it worked like a charm. It was a little loud, but I didn't loose much power and I arrived safely at home 12 hours later. I was able to thread a plug in the last remaining thread and drove it to Michigan where Ric was performing another repair. He repaired the blown cylinder and found 3 others that were loose. Thanks Ric!! By the way, Ric could not confirm what the Alabama Ford technician had told me about the cracked head. I assume they were looking for some fast cash..

email: cwasnich@roadrunner.com

Joel in Cumming, GA

My man Ric came down to Atlanta to fix my truck . He did a great job and my truck runs great .I would recommend him to anybody.

email: joel stinson@bellsouth.net

Ron in Riverside, CA

I was really upset when the v10 in my Ford F250 blew a spark plug while I was on vacation. Kind of ironic I was with a friend and his v10 in his F350 blew just few months earlier. So due to my friend’s experience I knew this could happen to me. My truck had just turned 100k miles with no trouble. I inquired at the local Ford dealerships and the cost for replacing the spark plugs ranged from $550.00 to $700.00. When I had the plug blown I searched the internet for Ford’s position on the blown plugs and I found the Blownoutsparkplug.com web site. This was on a Saturday afternoon and I got a call back in less than an hour. Dave informed me that he would be passing by my area at noon the next day, so we set up the meeting. I was totally impressed in the professionalism and expertise that Dave used in repairing my vehicle. Was I happy? Yes. The cost of repair was not much more than the local Ford Dealer wanted to change my plugs. Highly recommended and would recommend to anybody needing repairs or even spark plug service before the actual failure.

email: ronald.moore@charter.net

Vic in Wheaton, IL

My 2000 Ford Excursion with 130k had a blown out spark plug. Ford changed my plugs 1 year before this happened, so I had it towed to Ford and they told me it needed a new cylinder head for $3800.00 - wow if I had know I would have made sure my plugs are cleaned and torqued correctly, this would have prevented the plug from wearing out the threads from being loose. After doing a Google search , I found Dave at Blownoutsparkplug .com. He contacted me 15 mins after I sent a request. We talked about this problem and Ford not changing plugs the right way and I also checked on a helicoil repair but they do not hold for long. Dave then told me their exact procedure. I then checked out the website and called Dave back to schedule Ric to come out and fix the plug and put new plugs in. As he worked on the plugs we found that 4 other plugs were only a half turn more then hand tight and could have stripped the threads and blown another plug. Ric is an outstanding mechanic and has this procedure down to an art. He completed changing the rest of the plugs and made sure everything was clean and torqued properly, then cranked over the motor and it ran perfect. It has now been a few weeks and over 1000 miles later and no issues. I would recommend this procedure as Ford will not take responsibility for changing spark plugs correctly. Dave and Ric give a money back guarantee if their plug repair fails and nobody does that!! Great service and much less then Ford.

email: vborrows@ameritech.net

Mell in Fresno, CA

Just wanted to drop a note to let everyone with a blown spark plug know to call David in Santa Ynez, CA. My 2000 Ford Expedition with the 5.4L engine blew the number two spark plug stripping the threads. The repair would have been $2500 to $3500 for a new head, well lucky for me to find David in Santa Ynez, CA. He was very professional, and the time of repair blew me away, just under two hours which included the repair, plugs and coil pack replacement. Great job David,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Thanks again..... I drove over 200 miles on 7 cylinders with no plug , a little noisy but we made it.

email: bibbml@aol.com

Mark in Aurora, CO

#3 Spark plug Blew out of my 99 Expedition 5.4 motor. I web searched around for information regarding the infamous blown spark plug phenomenon. www.Blownsparkplug.com came up in several threads on various websites and I made contact. They were quick to respond, easy to work with, very cordial and candid when answering any and all questions. Dave came down and did an insert and replaced all the other plugs in just around 2 hours. Awesome work and 1/3 of what it would have cost from the dealership. Git-r-done with www.Blownoutsparkplug.com they rock!!!!!!  Highly recommend doing before it blows as "insurance" but definitely if it does blow call or email them for great and efficient service.

Thank you, Mark DeNittis 

email: rmte5280@msn.com        Author www.JeepGrilleAdventures.com  Food Editor: www.4x4Wire.com  

Doug in Yacca Valley, CA

There are very, very few good vehicle techs left and even fewer honest mechanics and the almost extinct GOOD, HONEST and FRIENDLY mechanics. I have worked on every form of the internal combustion engine since I was old enough to hold a wrench. I have never come across and engine that could not hold its sparkplug in, while driving home late on a Sunday night my 5.4 L V8 spit out it's # 3 plug taking out the coil. I pulled over thinking it was a blown head gasket. I found the sparkplug laying in the intake runners. totally baffled I went to the internet to find an engine for my Expo thinking mine was toast. I read blog after blog of Ford owners that have had the same problem and Fords fix was to change the head out and not address the real problem. Then I found Ric's site and my problem was solved! I took my wounded steed to his shop in El Cajon on fathers day he not only fixed the bad plug hole, inspected the other plug holes, cleaned the threads, installed new plugs, boots aI didn't know I had, he offered me a wheel for my car trailer (long story) to get me home! We made it back home that night and thanks to blownoutsparkplug.com there are many many more miles left in my engine with only a fraction of the cost of a new head/engine. THANKS RIC! Doug Judy and Josh P.S. Wish I could have stayed and bench raced with ya longer, maybe another time. 

email: dezracer@earthlink.net

Brian in Leawood, KS

BlownoutSparkplugs.com really saved us. Ford would do nothing for us, even though I'm a long time Ford fan and have owned many Fords. they could care less. BlownoutSparkplugs.com has a solution that seemed better than the other choices. They were easy to work with. Ric flew out and repaired our van. Its runs much better now than it did before the spark plug blew out. Another thing is that Blownoutspakrplugs.com restores faith in the vehicle. I had planned on fixing it, then selling it to get a van with a better motor in it - one that won't fail again. After talking to and working with Ric, we'll be keeping our van for another 100k miles. Thanks guys.

PS: Ric, let me know if you do get a chance to drive a NASCAR on the track.

email: L8apex32@gmail.com

Terry in Los Angeles, CA

David Mahlmeister changed the plugs on my 2001 Lazy Daze motor home built on a Ford E450 chassis with a V10 at 35,000 miles on May 16, 2008. Three of the plugs had a removal torque less than the Ford spec torque of 14 ft-lbs (5.7; 8.7; & 10.2). Four of the plugs were about at spec (13.2; 13.7; 14.2; & 14.6). The remaining three plugs were 16.2; 20.6, & 23.9 ft-lbs. I am glad I had the plugs changed and torqued to 28 ft-lbs. I may have been headed for a blown out plug or two if I had not done this preventative procedure. Watching Dave work in the confined space using his custom tools was enlightening. Changing the plugs is a lot more than just unscrewing the old ones and screwing in the new ones. Dave made sure that everything was clear of debris and dirt before removal and throughout the procedure and then cleaned the threads and polished the seats. An ordinary mechanic may not have been as meticulous and methodical as Dave. The plug change took about two hours. I made my appointment about a month ahead of time when I would be camping near Santa Ynez. Prior to my appointment, Dave called me when he was nearby on another job to see if would be convenient to do the job at my home, but I was not at home. This is great customer service.

Now, with "tight" plugs, I feel much better having to live with this deficiently designed "four thread" Ford aluminum head. If you are ever the victim of this Ford design, www.blownoutsparkplug.com will get you back in service quickly with a superior repair.

email: t2trails@sbcglobal.net

Mike in Arcadia, CA

I had my Lincoln towed to the local Ford/Lincoln dealer to analyze and probably repair a rough running engine problem that I properly guessed to be a spark plug issue. Little did I know that it was not simply a fouled plug but rather a blown plug...something I had never heard of before. The dealer quoted a minimum of $1600 to repair the damage caused by this blown spark plug. Needing a second opinion, I asked a fellow business associate if he had ever heard of a blown spark plug which surprisingly he had. Being the analytical type, he researched the problem and possible repairs and forwarded me the link to the "Blownoutsparkplug" website. I proceeded to read this site entirely including the FAQ section and then called Ric. Within one minute of this phone call I was convinced the Blownsparkplug technology was the better solution than the more costly dealer solution. I was sold! Sold on Ric, the solution, their warranty, the value-added work they provide for the remaining plugs...and, on a price that was half that of the dealer. Ric's brother Dave came to my house and fixed the car in just a few hours. Now a month (and over 1000 miles) later the engine's been running great. I absolutely recommend Blownoutsparkplugs solution to anyone who has this unique problem.

email: mkcook9000@aol.com

Kevin in Hemet, CA

I can define customer service in one word, RIC. My 2000 Ford Mustang GT blew out a spark plug on 5/1/08 and I was lost as to what to do. I came across Ric's web page and decided to call. Sunday morning at about 10:00 am I spoke with Ric and at 6:00 pm Ric came to MY HOUSE in Hemet CA. In just under two hours the job was finished. Ric even changed all of the spark plugs and torqued them in at the correct torque. Ric you are very professional and provide the best service I have ever seen in auto mechanics. I, without hesitation, recommend your honest service. I now know that I can indeed trust that my car will run great again, in fact I just got back from a drive and it purr's like a little kitten. Thank you again Ric, if anyone needs a reference please contact me I will be more than happy to give an honest accounting of your great service. Feel free to contact me at kevinolga@yahoo.com

email: kevinolga@yahoo.com

Rod in Queen Creek, AZ

While I hadn't had a plug blow out yet, I sure feel better having had new plugs put in and knowing for sure that none of the old plugs were close to blowing. The peace of mind is well worth the expense. Ari did a great job of explaining the process and showing what he was looking for in the way of what would have been potential problems. If peace of mind out on the road is important to you, I highly recommend these guys. Prompt response to your inquiry and getting the job done.

email: rodtraut@aol.com

Evan in Reseda, CA

I have an 02' F250 with a V10 motor which I use for towing my boat and other vehicles. I would highly recommend Dave and Blownoutsparkplug to anyone owning a Ford vehicle. Their service was quick and professional. Upon changing my plugs, we noticed that there was some carbon around two of the plugs. They were changed just in the nick of time before blowing out and creating a costly repair. I am now confident in driving my vehicle without worry. In addition, my fuel mileage increased from 13 mpg, to almost 15, while towing a load. Their service is very well worth the cost and peace of mind. Thanks!

email: filmguy1967@yahoo.com

Gene in Santa Paula, CA

The plugs were changed out by Dave Mahlmeister in our '98 Lazy Daze Motor Home at 75k. The service was great & courteous with Dave explaining everything to us & no damage or soiled carpeting to our rig at all.. the worst was Daves skinned knuckles from the oil hose clamp..!! Glad we had it done by this firm & we highly recommend them to other V-10 owners.

email: salene@verizon.net

Ray in Santee, CA

While driving to get my kids a spark plug blew out of my V-10 F-350, I was told about the service from a friend. I called and had a appointment the next day, Ric and his helper showed up at 5:30 and were done by 7:00. My truck runs great and they saved me a lot of money by not having to get the motor taken apart.

email: ray_lisaburns@hotmail.com

Mario in San Diego, CA

I have a Mazda Miata 1995. The moment I called Eric the spark plug thread wizard. My gut feeling is that He is the answer to my $3000.00 problem. He even offered to fix my car on site. He and his assistant worked with military like precision. Like a surgeon performing an open hearth surgery. In less than an hour he was able to give life back to my dead Miata.

email: balcosms@cox.net

Angela in Los Gatos, CA

Thank you so much for all of your good advice and assistance with my blown spark plug! When it happened I was driving from Tahoe in the most remote part of Hwy 50 late at night. After getting a tow to the nearest Ford Dealer, I thought I would be able to get it fixed and get back on my way the next day. I was quoted $1700 with a "tail light guarantee." Or I could

choose to put in a new head for $4000 -- that they would guarantee! You guys rushed me the temporary plug and I was then able to make arrangements to get the job done to my satisfaction -- and at a very reasonable price -- and you stand behind your work! You were professional and accommodating. I would highly recommend blownoutsparkplug.com's services!

email: acjames@yahoo.com

Dave in Bend, OR

We spent three months in AZ this winter. On our way south from Bend Or, we stopped at Blownoutsparkplugs in Santa Ynez, CA to have the spark plugs and boots changed in our in our 1997 Lazy Daze Motorhome with a V-10 engine. I had not had any problems with them, just wanted to to stay ahead of the curve.

Dave Mahlmeister did a great job, it only took a few hours and we were on the road again.

One night we pulled into a campground late in day at Monument Valley UT, ( In the middle of no-where) before I could even get setup, a guy next to us came over and asked if I knew anything about a V-10 engine, I told him not much, he said he thought he had blown a head gasket. The next morning I want over to have a look, as soon as he started the engine, I knew he had blown a spark plug!

Thanks again Dave

email: dennis-r@juno.com

Octavious in Solvang, CA

Thanks again for the excellent work..........So far so good. Interesting that Ford said there was NO way this problem could be fixed without replacing the head. It's nice that you are here in the valley. I'll check in with you sometime and see when it is a good time to re-tighten those plugs again.

email: mr_ov@yahoo.com

Terry in Gardnerville, NV

Had Dave do a plug change on my 2003 Ford E-450 V-10 at 50K miles. After watching him do this work I was glad I decided against doing it myself. He's got all the right tools and the experience to do this properly and the price is reasonable. We learned that my Ford (production date 5/03) has the revised heads with eight threads but we still found one plug that took only 5 ft/lbs of torque to break loose. Whether that would have turned into a problem I can't say but I'm glad we did this now and that I had it done by blownoutsparkplug.com because now I know it's been done right and I can rest easy for the next 60K miles or so. Thanks, Dave!

email: tlburnes@charter.net

Charles in Gardena, CA

I called these guys on a Saturday morning, and Dave happened to be in my area and was at my home by early afternoon, and meticulously and thoroughly diagnosed my situation and made the return trip a few days later to complete the repair of a blown plug that had been previously repaired with a Helicoil by a Ford dealer and which was blowing again. Armed with extensive knowledge and superior workmanship, he got my 2000 Expedition running fine again. Observing the tools and materials these guys used, I have no doubt that this repair will last. Their custom inserts and their method of repair is obviously vastly superior to that of the dealer or other service facilities, not to mention much less expensive than replacing the cylinder head. I have been telling everyone I know who drives a big Ford V8 subject to this problem that these are THE guys to solve the problem. Dave, thanks so much for your quick response, your upbeat disposition and your commitment to excellence.

email: cwilliams205@earthlink.net

Mike in Swall Meadows, CA

I am so lucky I found you guys. No one from Ford Dealers to local repair shops had any idea of what to do other than replace the heads on my 2002 Expedition. I talked with 3 different dealers and got three different suggestions, none that would really work and all that cost way too much. I called Dave set up an appointment, he was here on time fixed the truck in about 2 hr, change all my plugs and the truck has run great ever since. You guys are very professional, and you know what you are doing. Thank you so much for being there. Sincerely Mike

email: mday@schat.net

David in Winchester, CA

I was impressed on how fast my truck was repaired and how friendly the mechanic (Ric) was. I hope never to have this problem again but if I did, I would not hesitate to call.

email: ynieburger1@msn.com

Richard in Tucson, AZ

Thank God for these guys! Yeah, I know, they charge for their work, but it's the best bargain for me. My '01 E-350 V-10 with 140K miles still has a lot of life left in it. My option from the Ford dealer was a new engine (they won't touch one with this many miles) for $6,000 or $500 or Blownoutsparkplug. For me, it's a no-brainer. I was looking at going into debt to buy a new vehicle or replace the engine in this one and the folks at blownoutsparkplug.com saved me a fortune I live in the Tucson, AZ area. It just so happens one of their guys lives close by. My spark plug blew out of the #4 cylinder (typical, so they say) on a Thursday while pulling a maxed out load from New Mexico. I took my van in on a Saturday and it was ready to go back to work on Sunday. Now, THAT'S a miracle! You've saved me a ton of money and stress. Thanks blownoutsparkplug.com! Richard Laughingcrowflutes.com

email: rixtvnant@aol.com

John in Temecula, CA

It's been about a month now since David and his brother repaired my truck, an '02 F250 V10 4X4. So far, so good! I have to say, I was very impressed with the service I received. Name me one industry, in this day and age, that will make a house call and fix your vehicle at your home, not to mention arriving at 9:30 pm on a Friday night. These guys were traveling to the Midwest during the holidays. As they began their trip, they called and said they would be passing through the area and could stop and make the repair. Traffic was heavy on the Friday before Christmas and they finally arrived at my place at 9:30pm. It was a chilly evening, low 40's. They set up a table, lights and laid out all their tools and materials. It reminded me of operating room, very professional, except remember, doctors don't make house calls. Anyway, in just under two and a half hours, they buttoned it up just before midnight. The trucks been running since. We took it out to the desert  a couple  weekends  later to test  the  repair.  Pushed  the truck  pretty hard  with no issues.  So, I would definitely  recommend  this  service.  If  anyone  would like to follow-up  with additional  questions,  feel free to email me. John W.  

email: calgate_97@yahoo.com

Steve in Plano, TX

Dave and Ric Mahlmeister did a great job from start to finish. A local mechanic in the North Dallas area actually told me about the blownoutsparkplug.com website after he determined I had blown a plug (#3) in my 2001 Ford E-250 van. Ric was there the following weekend... which was a BIG deal for us since this van is equipped with a wheelchair lift and is the only means we have to transport my daughter. And even though we kind of cut the schedule a little close... Ric had everything done in 2.5 hours... and we were able to get him back to the airport with plenty of time to spare. The whole operation was professional... and Ric obviously knows what he is doing. I would recommend these guys to anyone who is unfortunate enough to be a victim of Ford's poor engineering design. Thanks guys for a job well done!

email: steve@hooperclan.com

Dan in Poway, CA

Blownoutsparkplug.com is THE solution for spark plugs popping out of Ford motors. Ric fixed my Ford Expedition quickly, permanently, and at a very reasonable price. The first time a spark plug blew out, my regular repair shop said it was a common Ford problem. My choices were A) Install new heads for about $3500. (The dealer wanted $4200) or B) Install a thread insert, which would only last a few months. I had them put in the insert, and as predicted, it blew out in 2 months. The 2nd time around, I found Ric at Blownoutsparkplug.com. I am an engineer, and I was fascinated with the innovative, economical solution blownoutsparkplug has developed. Ric has unique tapered inserts, specialized tools, and a bullet-proof procedure to make the repair. I watched Ric do the entire repair - Ric is THE man. Don't waste your time going anywhere else - call Ric. It has been almost 2 years, and our Ford Expedition runs great. Thank you Ric !!

email: tobareng@cox.net

Mike in San Clemente, CA

I was lucky enough to find blownoutsparkplug.com via an email search. I had 2 different friends that had plugs blow out on their Fords. One of my buddies had it happen twice and had them paired at the dealership one right after the other. I wish I would have known about this service earlier so that I could have saved them thousands of dollars. Mine was the number 4 plug - right up against the fire wall. heck if any of you work on your F150's you know how tight that is back there. I could hardly believe that it was possible for that to be repaired without yanking the motor. I've been driving with my repair for about 5 months now - no problems - runs like new. I would definitely recommend this to any and all of my friends.

email: beachhouseinc@cox.net

Patrick in Dubin, CA

Blownoutsparkplug.com's method works. My Expedition was repaired several months ago using the blownoutsparkplug.com method and it's working well. I saved hundreds of dollars and days of downtime, thanks to blownoutsparkplug.com.

email: prevail@comcast.net

Brenda in Tustin, CA

Thank you for repairing my 2001 Ford Expedition that had a blown out sparkplug. Ric came out to my house with his assistant, Mandy and was able to fix my vehicle that had a couple of coils that needed to be repaired, too. He worked on the spark plug problem but he was not satisfied with the repair and made sure all the coils were working, too. He was extremely efficient and had my truck running in about 3 hours. I have not had any problems with it since he repaired it. It now runs great. Ric came to Tustin and repaired my vehicle while the fires were burning in San Diego. First of all it was nice of him to leave his town while all the fires were happening to come to Tustin to fix my truck not knowing if his home would be there when he returned. Not a selfish person at all with his time or money. He also did not charge what the dealer was charging to repair my truck, as a matter of fact he charged a lot less than half. You're a great guy Ric and you know your stuff!

email: brendacmela@yahoo.com

David in Spring, TX

I was headed to my in-law’s house on Thanksgiving day and 3/4 of the way there the #3 plug blew out. I assessed the problem and after trying to put the plug back in with a borrowed socket realized that the hole was toast. I called AAA and took a $200 wrecker ride back to my mechanic's shop and let my 2000 F-250 sleep outside until they opened back up the following Monday. I searched the web for information on "blown out spark plug" and got the multitude of sites complaining about Ford's infamous problem with the aluminum heads and sparkplug torque. I found a link to this site on the Ford user forum and bookmarked it for reference. After discussing the issue with my mechanic, he advised me to call Ric and have them do the work. I had just enough miles with Continental to buy the plane ticket. I picked Ric up at the airport and took him back within 3 hours. It took him less time to do the work than I spent transporting him back and forth to the airport.


Steven in Temecula, CA

My 1999 F250 Triton V-10 blew the #3 plug yesterday afternoon. fortunately I was just a few blocks form home and it was still light enough to figure our what had happened. I immediately started searching the internet for a fix or at least some idea of what this was going to cost me. I've seen sites for kits, I've seen the hundreds of e-mails to consumer affairs. It was looking pretty bleak, then I just happened to stumbled on blownoutsparkplug.com. I spent about an hour going through their website and looking at their process. I also saw they were in my neck of the woods. I gave them a call, Dave called back within an hour and we set an appointment for the next day (Sunday). For $800.00 and some change Rick and Kevin repaired the bad plug socket, replaced the other 9 plugs. good thing they did because there were more that were ready to go. I can also say I am confident this will not happen again. As I understand it this is a torque issue not a head design issue.. THANKS RIC, KEVIN AND DAVE. you guys made my weekend. I will surely spread the word.

email: icyhoyt@yahoo.com

Mike in Upland, CA

Unbelievable service and expertise. My 2002 SVT Lightning blew out plug #6. The vehicle has only 49,000 miles on it. I had it towed to my local Ford dealer. Their estimate was $3,800 for a new head. Interesting fact that the new head had no design difference from the one that they were taking off. While trying to find some funds to do this a friend of mine was looking on the internet and found blownoutsparkplug.com. I made a call to Ric on Thursday 01/17/08 and was told that his brother was in the L.A. area on and unrelated trip and would have him call me to see if he could stop by on his way home and take care of my problem. Today is Friday 01/18/08 and my truck now runs better than before the blow out. I am a brake and front end mechanic and the time it took the gentleman to fix my truck was less than it would have taken me to change the brakes. Thanks Guys Mike the HAMMER.

email: mike.combe@verizon.net

Melissa in Needles, CA

Oh my goodness, Dave and Ric were awesome! I was coming from Washington State and I broke down in Needles, Ca. I was a woman with 3 kids and dog by myself driving from Washington state to Georgia. I was in the arm-pit of California. Anyway, I had my car towed to this dumpy car repair shop in Needles, Ca. The guys at the car repair shop were trying to screw me by having me paying $2,000.00 more to get my blown out spark plugs replaced. I had a friend come and check out my car from Las Vegas. He knew about the Blownoutsparkplug.com website. My friend hooked me with Ric and Dave by 3 days they came and fixed my car. They dealt with some really nasty mechanics from the dumpy repair shop. Finally, they able to fix my car and I was so grateful. Thank you so much Ric and Dave I'm now in Georgia and my car works wonderfully. Thanks so much, Melissa - Georgia

email: chrisc321@hotmail.com

Frank in Laguna Hills, CA

On time, professional and he made it look easy. Verified work he had done and other connections on the engine. Very thorough! Highly recommended!

email: fjthompson2@cox.net

Scott in Montrose, MI

Both Rick and Dave showed up at my house on Christmas eve. They pulled in the drive way and went directly to work. They were both two of the most pleasant and professional people you could ever meet. They not only fixed my Expedition, that by the way was down since June, but they made sure I had no other unforeseen problems. I would like to thank both of them and I hope they enjoyed there "Christmas on the road"..

email: scotts@p-ghomes.com

Gary in Detroit, MI

First and foremost, Ric did a wonderful job- as advertised- quickly, efficiently and professionally. Secondly, he saved me over 1000 dollars as the shop I had it in wanted to remove the heads to do the job, which on my particular vehicle (E350 box truck) was a major repair. Third, Ric is a very pleasant person to talk to, and his enthusiasm is infectious, it was fun having him in town. I recommended him to folks in my city, in case they have this same issue.

email: gardellafurniture@sbcglobal.net

Brad  in Hutto, TX

What can I say besides, WOW!   Ric came to Texas to work on my truck and the airline lost his toolbox on the way. Ric stayed here for two days and found a way to get the job done. I thought I was crazy flying Ric in from CA to fix my truck, but it was worth it. # 3 sparkplug on my F150 is fixed and I'm on the road again. Thanks Ric!!!

email: bwschmidt1@ra.rockwell.com

Robert in Huston, TX

My Ford F150 with 175k spit out spark plug number 8 Sunday afternoon 12/09 and as it is my only means of transportation I had to have it fixed as soon as possible. I searched the internet for an idea of what it might cost and was dismayed to learn of this chronic problem and the possibility of spending $1500 to $2500. I found www.blownoutsparkplug.com on the consumer affairs web site and sent them an email asking when they might be able to get to Houston. To my surprise Dave called 15 minutes after I sent the email and told me Ric was in Austin doing a job and visiting with an old friend. Long story short Ric was kind enough to cut his visit short and I was able to re-route his travel plans to get him to Houston Monday morning do the repair and then on to Dallas for his scheduled flight back to California. These guys are awesome!

Robert Cavazos
Division Chief ETS
Harris County ITC
(713) 755-1427

Lamontt in Sacramento, CA

I am forever in debt to Ric at Blownoutsparkplug.  My family of five went on vacation to San Diego and just happened to be there during the fires of 2007, so everything was closed and we couldn't leave.  The last day we were there, our spark plug blew!  How were we supposed to get home?! We were from Sacramento, 9 hours away and the repair would cost $3,000...did not have it.

I prayed all night long, and the pizza guy that came to the hotel (who I believe was an angel) told us to go to a specific service station to see if they could fix it...none of them could.  However, one of the men at the service station said he heard of a guy who fixes spark plugs on Fords, and to look him up online.  I did, and I found blown out spark plug! (he's the only guy that's doing this) And he just happened to be IN San Diego!!!! Praise the Lord!!
I called Ric at Blownoutsparkplug  and He said that he was going on vacation.  I told him that I needed him now...and he obliged!!! He said if I got to his house at 12 noon, he would postpone his vacation and fix my truck!  Little did I know, he was running home to fix my truck on his lunch break!! Ric worked like lightning while I acted as his servant, getting all the parts from his truck.  My family waited in the car, praying. 
The dealership told me $3500.00 and 3 days to fix my truck....Ric fixed my truck in 35 minutes (same day) and for $500.00!
I am a minister of the Gospel and God used Ric to answer my prayers (like He always does). Honestly, this letter only covers the tip of the iceberg.  Let me just say this, when other service and repair shops are recommending this guy, you know he’s good!  I immediately went back to the service center that referred me and thanked them too! 
I have since traveled to Los Angeles and back 8 hour road trip), used the truck for a daily work truck, and have had no issues at all.  Ric, You’re a God send!!!! Tip him well!  I did, threw in an extra $50.00 wish I could have done more.  If  it wasn’t for Ric, My truck would be in a Storage lot in San Diego and my family would have been on Amtrak to Sacramento…carless.
-Lamontt Blackshire
-Don’t believe me, feel free to email me! wecanprintit@yahoo.com

Tracy in Whittier, CA

I contacted Blownoutsparkplug on a Friday night. By Sunday night, my van was back running perfect. I had one plug hole repaired and nine plugs replaced to prevent further damage. I've only driven 500 miles since the repairs were made and everything seems great. I most strongly recommend Blownoutsparkplug for any sparkplug problems.

Thanks again,

email: cycleorgy@hotmail.com

Fred in Denver, CO

I own a 1997 E350 with 134,000 on it. And up until it was fixed and all the plugs redone by Blownoutsparkplug, I had collected two blown plugs. The first was number 2 on a trip across Utah. That repair was $700 from the Ford dealer. The second #3 happened on a trip in Nevada. Had I had the temp plug that would have been a less noisy return. From Ford it would have cost a new head, but still not solved the problem in the future. Now I have all 10 plugs redone and after my first trip already, there are no problems. Dave flew out and did all ten for under half of what Ford wanted to replace just one head.

If you have any questions, call me 303.421.9948 or email foreim@msn.com 

Fred Reim

Rob of Yucaipa, CA

Upon reading an article in a recent Motorhome Magazine I became aware of the plug blowout problems associated with some of the Triton V-10 motors. Further research revealed other Triton motors in certain years were also at risk of blowing plugs anywhere from 30k miles and up. My coach had approx 25 k miles on it. When it comes to maintenance on my vehicles I have always been proactive rather than reactive. I decided to fix it before it breaks rather than take a chance on being stranded on the side of the road somewhere. Something you don’t want with a 33’ Motorhome. I contacted Dave at Blownoutsparkplug to inquire what could be done to prevent this from happening. He responded in a very timely manner and advised they could remove all my plugs, inspect the threads, clean them if necessary install new plugs and re-torque to their own proven specifications. As luck would have it Dave and his son had a trip planned to Tucson a few weeks later. He advised me he could deviate from his route and come by my home to perform the work. They arrived right on time and immediately went to work. A couple of hours later the job was complete. I was lucky, every thing was fine, no damaged threads or loose plugs. Now I have a much better sense of security of knowing I should not have a problem down the road. Thanks again Dave for the “peace of mind”.


email: rcourtney@rinker.com

Chris of Laramie, WY


Your nation wide service is awesome.  Thanks for coming to Wyoming to repair my 2002 Ford Expedition.  At first I was going to attempt repairs myself, but after reading about you on the consumer affairs website, I decided to give you a try and I am glad I did.  Your knowledge and experience are unsurpassed.  The unique procedures you developed to make these repairs accurately, quickly, and efficiently are amazing.   Thanks again for restoring my confidence in this vehicle.    

Chris  cjizzo@bresnan.net

Gary of San Jose, CA

To David Mahlmeister and to any Potential Customers:

"Blownoutsparkplug" saved the day for me! My son, Kevin, and four friends were traveling to Disneyland from San Jose on Thurs, July 26. About 20 minutes from Anaheim, my 1998 Ford Expedition had a spark plug blow out. Fortunately, Kevin stopped by an auto store, bought a plug & tools, inserted a new plug not knowing it was blown out, and was able to reach Disneyland. However, the plug blew out again at Disneyland. On Monday, Kevin had the Expedition towed to a Ford dealership. Ford said they could repair the blown out plug by replacing the head ($3000 or more) or repair the failed plug threads (Heli-Coil) with no guarantee because the fix would eventually fail again. It seemed like I had no choice and was arranging for Ford to do the repairs and renting a car for Kevin and his friends to return home. Once the Expedition was fixed, I would fly to Anaheim and drive back. Fortunately for me, my cousin found  "Blownoutsparkplugs" on line. David Mahlmeister happen to be home (Santa Barbara) Monday and I called him. Rather than have my Expedition towed approximately 120 miles to Santa Barbara to be repaired, David drove (2 hrs) to the Ford dealership in Anaheim with all of his equipment, drove my Expedition to his mother's (a few miles from the dealership), and fixed the failed plug and replaced the other spark plugs. I decided I might as well give the vehicle a 100K tune-up since it was due in about another 15k miles). By 6:00 p.m., Dave returned the Expedition to my son at Disneyland ready to go. My son returned home at about 2:00 a.m. Tuesday morning in time for everyone to return to work. Dave saved the day for me!  All I had to do was make arrangements with Dave over the phone! He took care of everything else! The total cost was $1000 and all work is guaranteed for one year or your money is returned. I was expecting $4K-$5K and lost time from work. Considering the situation, things could not have turned out any better if it were not for David and the service provided by Blownoutsparkplug!!  Also, many thanks to David's mom who allowed David to do the repairs at her house!!

P.S. David was prepared to do the repairs in the parking lot at Disneyland by using a portable generator.

Gary Kawaoka
105 Moundhaven Ct
San Jose, CA 95111

408 578-3701
email: gkbunga@sbcglobal.net

Dawn of Gonzales, CA


Thank you for coming to our rescue on Saturday afternoon. 

After having our spark plug blow out of the engine on the highway and doing a little research we were dismayed to learn that Ford would do nothing about this and it would cost us in upwards of 3000+ to get it fixed.  Luckily my husband found your website and we anxiously awaited your arrival on Saturday morning to fix our car. 

Dave and his son were both professional and a joy to deal with.  They were in and out in less than 4 hours allowing us to enjoy the rest of our Saturday. They explained to us what they were doing as they went along. 

Thanks for all the hard work and spending your weekend fixing our car!!!  It runs better now than before!


email: dawn.irwin@driscolls.com

Ron of Gillette, WY

I have an used 99 Ford F350 V-10 with 125,000 miles. I got it at a car auction site and thought it was a good deal. Still do THANKS to RIC at Blownoutsparkplug, he is the plug guy.

A little background on myself, I've been told I'm a talented welder, I make cement pump trucks for a living I live in Gillette Wyoming and driving home one day I thought I had blown out a exhaust gasket so I drove to a mechanics shop.

Because this is my primary work vehicle I needed it promptly, they told me it was a sparkplug told me they could not fix it. They told me it was an aluminum head, with not enough sparkplug threads, they told me they thought there was a guy here in Gillette that fix it, called wife to come get me and I came home to computer looking for blown out sparkplug problem.

Because of my experience dissimilar metals I knew I had a greater problem, then that what could be fixed in a short time, I got on computer and the second web site I came to was Ric out of San Diego at Blownoutsparkplug, I E-Mailed him my phone numbers and he called me back within 20 minutes. I was a little confused not remembering I had given him my numbers, his promptness and professionalism is second to none.

Today's date is June 13, 2007 this all this happened on April 16th, the process to get Ric here to Gillette, was an airplane ticket and a drive of 300miles to get Ric to my truck and back to the airport all in 2 days. Thanks Again Ric.

I was contacted the next day by the guy who thought he could fix it he said his success rate was not as good as Ric's. I contacted another rebuild shop 150 miles from Gillette said they needed the head for 20 hours and the labor bill would of been double Ric's price. The local Ford garages cost was about the same as new head, minus half the parts, plus labor from my pocket.

I called Ric and set up appointment to get him here to fix my truck, Thanks again Ric. While Ric was here, he diagnosed other problems with two of my other Ford vehicles.

Thanks Again Ric,
Your friend Ron

Contact me at Brinkerflower@yahoo.com for references.

Phillip in San Jose, CA

Just wanted to say thanks for coming out and fixing my truck. The dealer wanted $5,248.00 to repair it! you saved me a lot of money and did a great job in no time at all. You found another plug ready to leave us and did all the repairs. Thanks for all the help and I'm sure you will be busy for quite so time to come! Thanks again for a job well done!

Philip Bostrom

email: Phil.bostrom@gmail.com


Hi Ric,
This is Ken Ramey with the white lightning, The truck is running great, I was absolutely amazed at your performance repairing the truck, I have mentioned you in 2 forums so far, and have told I don't how many people how amazed I was about you. Thank you so much for the work, and if you need my reference for anything please let me know.


email: kramey@wilwood.com


Donald of El Cajon CA

2-1-2008 2001 f150 4.6 v8 78,000 miles, #3 plug blew out while driving on busy freeway. Will most likely use blownoutsparkplug.com for repair as luck would have it Ric is just 3 blocks from my house. I will also be re-torquing all my plugs every 15,000-30,000 miles.

Dawn of Gonzales CA

After having our spark plug blow out of the engine on the highway and doing a little research we were dismayed to learn that Ford would do nothing about this and it would cost us in upwards of 3000+ to get it fixed. Luckily my husband found the www.blownoutsparkplug.com website and we anxiously awaited their arrival on Saturday morning to fix our car. They were professional and a joy to deal with. They were in and out in less than 4 hours allowing us to enjoy the rest of our Saturday. They explained to us what they were doing as they went along. It runs better now that before!

Ken of Thousand Oaks CA

On June 26 2007 on my way home from work my 2001 Ford f150 lightning with a 5.4 liter motor blew the #3 spark plug out of the head, after doing some research on the internet I was shocked as to the magnitude of this problem, and to how much it was going to cost me if I went to the Ford dealership, I have always owned Ford trucks, and my dad has always owned Ford trucks and have been very satisfied with them, my lightning had been to this point the best and most fun truck I have owned, so after doing some research on the net I came across Blownoutsparkplug.com having been in the machine shop and manufacturing trade for over 30 years his process made the most sense to me, so I called him and was very impressed with Ric over the phone, set-up an appointment and had him come out to my house to fix it, I can hardly express how impressed I was with Ric he is like a surgeon with this problem he explained every step that he was performing, had the problem fixed and the rest of the spark plugs checked and replaced in under 3 hours, I would not recommend any other fix but what he performs, the insert and tools he uses, and the process he performs make perfect sense to fix the problem permanently, he was careful, thorough, and a pleasure to be with, anybody wondering what to do to fix this problem should get in contact with him. I hope something can be done to make Ford responsible for their design and I am willing to help in anyway to make this happen. Ken

Philip of San Jose CA

Blownoutsparkplug. Well, I can add myself to the list of many people that had to pay for a repair that should have been covered by FORD. My 2002 F250 V10 blew out a plug. Took it to FORD and they said it would not be covered by my worthless 3rd party warranty (Western General WORTHLESS and Rude). So even as I followed what ford states by waiting for the 100,000 plug change, it failed at 96,xxx. If it wasn't for Ric at http://www.blownoutsparkplug.com I would have been stuck with a $5248.00 Bill.

Michael of Santee CA

Blown Out Spark Plug! I have a 2002 Ford Supercharged F-150 Harley Davidson Edition. I currently have 74,174 miles on it. I am the second owner of the vehicle. On my way home I heard a pop and the engine began to make a loud pop, pop, pop! I called my handy Ford Repair Advisor and he informed me that it sounded like a spark plug had blown out. I then asked if this was common and he informed me yes it was.

Engine years and types I was told were 97-02 5.4L and 4.6L in F150's and Expeditions. I asked if this problem was covered by the extended warranty since it was a known issue. To my surprise it was not cover by any warranty or Ford product recall. I am very unhappy with this since the repair quote was around $3500 to $4000 dollars.

I at this point was ready to abandon all hope since that type of cash does not grow on trees. With this type of quality in American made automobiles it does not surprise me to see foreign car sales above our own and see young Mr. Ford drive the company into the ground! Anyway in my frenzy to search the web for an alternative I found an Excellent and Professional Company that specializes in Blown Out Spark Plug Repair. The company's name is Ric's Automotive, you can find them at blownoutsparkplug.com.

I explain the problem and was quoted a fair price and the job was completed in one day versus the Ford alternative of a week or so without my vehicle and the high cost of a repair that should have been covered since in my opinion it was a Ford deficiency. The mechanic was knowledgeable about Ford not taking care of their loyal customers and provides a much better alternative.

This company will send a mechanic anywhere in the country to repair a blown out spark plug! They will also inspect, replace, and verify the other spark plugs and spark plug ports are free of debris and make sure they are in good repair, and not going to shoot another spark plug out in a week. The company is located in El Cajon, Ca and their Business number is (619)306-4700. Give them a call and maybe they can you like they helped me, since the Ford Motor Company won't help their customers.

Arvi of Temecula CA

Well, chalk another one up on what appears to be a rapidly growing list of complaints. It started about 30 days ago when the #7 plug shot out on my 2001 Expedition. At that time there were still enough of the 3 threads for me to replace the plug as well as the coil as that was destroyed also. Then last week on May 31st, as my wife was driving home from school drop offs it blew out again.

This time taking what was left of the threads with it. I was out of town so she was careless for 4 days. Upon my return, I started doing some research on the net only to discover how wide spread the problem really was. Needless to say I was and still am thoroughly disgusted with Ford. I very rarely wish for anything bad to happen to a person or business but I truly hope that Ford goes out of business.

To turn your back on the very people that support your company is nothing short of heartless. I know it would be a huge bill to compensate consumers for this engineering blunder but hey, put out a good product and guess what - you won't have to worry about issues like this. Out of all this, there has been one saving grace in the form of Ric Mahlmeister. Ric is the proprietor of www.blownoutsparkplug.com.

After quotes of up to $4000 to fix this problem and researching do-it-yourself kits, I found Rics website and liked what I saw - especially the price! No matter where you are in the country, Ric will come out to you and fix your vehicle at a major fraction of the price a dealership or after market service station will do it for. I personally watched him perform the job and was nothing short of impressed. To take it even further, he replaced ALL the plugs and checked the threads of all the remaining ports - in short; he went above and beyond what anyone else would have. Professional, courteous and affordable do not begin to describe Ric and the service he provides.

Do yourself a favor and check out his website; give him a call and save yourself much heartache and most importantly MONEY. In case you missed it, his website is www.blownoutsparkplug.com. I've been considering my next course of action and am leaning heavily towards trading this money pit in for a Chevy. Since I cant get my money back from Ford I might as well never give them another cent. Chevy's may be more expensive but I have not found ANY problem such as this on the net.

Between the spark plugs, Firestone tires, burning down of SUV's, I can't believe they can look at themselves in the mirror everyday or sleep at night. That's my two cents. Good luck to all of you who drive Fords and if it happens to you - give Ric a call; he'll save you and your pocket book.

Mike of Victorville CA

I have a 2002 F250 V10, I bought the 100,000 mile warranty and never had to use it. I never tuned the truck because it ran so well, at 190,000 miles it blew #3 plug. Everyone had a solution, from helicoil to allowing ford to fix the problem, for thousands of dollars, on a motor with 190,000 miles. I went online to see this problem could legitimately be fixed. That was when I found blownoutsparkplug.com, check it out.

Doug of Sandy UT

After reporting my experience (below), I was a little hesitant to spend $3500 on a new head -- or undertake the risky operation of putting in a helicoil type insert myself. Additionally, I worried about how long it would be before the problem reappeared on another cylinder. I was planning to fix then immediately sell the truck.

While searching the internet I found a company at Blownoutsparkplug.com with a Ford engine mechanic that focused on the triton engine sparkplug problem. They do the repair in San Diego OR anywhere they can fly to for a VERY reasonable price. Additionally, their experience is that Ford's torque spec on the spark plug is too low -- easily leading to loose plugs and eventual blowouts. They flew out to my house in Salt Lake City, Utah and -- for the cost of the plane ticket and $800 did the insert work, replaced the coil and all of the plugs and tightened them down to a higher torque spec. Ric, the mechanic said that in 250 replacements where they have retorqued all of the new plugs, they have never had a second plug blowout. I am now planning to keep the truck.



Post From Worldcommander

I discussed Timesert vs Blownoutsparkplug repair with the Ric (blownoutsparkplug.com guy). There is a difference. Do you research on both. I had the blownout plug guy change my plugs yesterday. For what he charges and his experience, tools, etc., it isn't worth your time IMHO to screw around doing it yourself if your time is worth anything to you. He charged less then the dealership. One plug was loose but hadn't blown-yet. Whew!

Post From Scm

Well, I went ahead and used Ric http://www.blownoutsparkplug.com/ , Yesterday also, So I guess you are the guy that he went to next. Ric did a great job. Nice guy and he knows allot. I just didn't have the time to try it myself and didn't want to take the chance of messing it up. I need that truck for work. Thanks to all for the info that everyone gave. After watching him do his thing and checking everything else, I felt it was very worth it. It would have taken me all day and just a few hours with him instead. Back to work the same day. Thanks again for all the replies.

Post From Worldcommander

Yep, nice meeting you. $600-$800 vs $5,000 for new head-kind of a "no brainer" wasn't it? Watching him work and hearing that torque wrench click on each and every plug gives one the satisfaction of knowing it's done right. Can't do that at the dealership.



I posted a few weeks ago about the blown out spark plug problem that can affect pre-2004 Ford V-10 Triton engines, like many of us have in our E-450 and E-350 LD Motorhomes. I explained what I had learned and what I was going to do to address this potential problem in my 2003 E-450 LD.

To recap what I've learned, a small percentage of these V-10s have been subject to spark plugs being ejected from the heads, sometimes destroying the coil on plug unit for that cylinder. Some of these have been repaired by replacing the affected head (expensive), others by installing some sort of insert in the damaged plug hole, sometimes with the head off the engine, more often with the head in place (much less expensive).

This problem seems to be most common on pre-2000 chassis, but also occurs occasionally on up into the 2003 model year. There is no definitive cause of this problem, just a lot of speculation. The one that makes the most sense to me is too few threads in the plug holes and on the spark plugs, apparently only about 4 threads holding these plugs in these aluminum heads on early models.

Motorhome magazine recently published some information implying that in the pre-2000 models some of the heads had defective machining of the plug holes, which certainly wouldn't help. Anyway, the consensus seems to be that the plugs loosen over time and then at some point are ejected.

Ford hasn't shared much information but does seem to have made some changes to address this problem. A revised plug was introduced first, followed by revised heads. The net effect of both changes is plugs with eight threads in heads with eight threads.

And there seems to be a consensus on the Internet that it is advisable to either retorque or change these plugs at about 30K miles instead of the 100K mile plug change interval specified by Ford in our owner's manuals.

There is a company (two bothers actually) operating in two locations in Southern California (Santa Ynez and San Diego) that has done a lot of work to develop a solution to this problem. Their name: www.blownoutsparkplug.com

The have developed a unique tapered insert system that they can install with the head in place. They will also come to you, anywhere in the country. Their approach is considerably less expensive than new heads. Detailed cost info is on their Web site. I've found no evidence of problems with their approach after doing several hundred repairs.

They also do spark plug changes on these engines, not a simple matter due to the design of these engines and the difficult access to the plugs.

I decided to take a proactive approach to this potential problem by having a plug change done at blownoutsparkplug.com's Santa Ynez location on our way to Baja. I felt this would avoid any surprises by (1) assuring that all plugs were tight and not at risk of blowout and (2) determining which heads I have, old or new. I had the plug change done on February 10.

I was very impressed by the work performed on my E-450. The work took about two hours but would have taken me most of a weekend. Why? Because they've done this many times before, know exactly what to do and have assembled all the tools for doing this easily and properly. I've never done it and have only a few of the tools, despite having a fairly complete workshop.

They begin by removing the air cleaner and intake ducts down to the throttle body. Then the doghouse inside the cab. They loosen the wiring harnesses for each cylinder bank and remove some hoses. Then they remove the 10 coil units and the boots that attach them to the plugs. Then they blow out the plug holes which can accumulate considerable debris when the boots are removed. Then they remove the plugs, checking the "break loose" torque as they go. Then each plug hole is cleaned with a rotating wire brush to remove any deposits and blown out again. They check the condition of the rubber boots and may recommend new ones (I got new ones even though not really needed). They apply dielectric grease to the tips of the boots and other grease where the boots seal to the heads. New plugs are then installed, the boots and coils are refitted and the other parts that were removed are reinstalled. Then the engine is started and checked for any codes, to verify that all is well.

blownoutsparkplug.com torques the plugs to 28-32 ft/lbs vs. the 15 or so spec'd by Ford. This is a bit controversial
but they have had no problems and they believe the root cause of this problem is inadequate torque. They recommend subsequent plug changes at about every 60K miles, but I'd consider doing it more often if I had the 4 thread heads.

I learned that my 2003 V-10 had the new plugs and new heads, eight threads each. That was good news and very reassuring. My research indicated that Ford most likely began using the new heads in November, 2002 but the actual date for any specific vehicle will vary because of varying dates for head manufacture, engine assembly and vehicle assembly. My vehicle was assembled in May, 2003 and on the end of the driver's side head when the doghouse was removed was a sticker indicating a May, 2003 date for engine assembly. There is supposedly a date stenciled on the side of the heads indicating their manufacture date, but I can't see that on my motor.

I'd say if you have a 2002 or earlier V-10 you have the old heads and that 2003 was a transition year. The definitive test would be to remove one plug and see how many rotations it takes to screw it back in. About 4 equals old heads. About 8 equals new. The easiest plug to remove would probably be the one nearest the front of the engine on the driver's side, after removing the air cleaner unit.

I also learned that the "break loose" torque for my plugs varied from a high of about 25 ft/lbs to a low of about 5 ft/lbs on one plug. None of the threads in the heads were damaged, but this tells me that , even with my new heads and plugs, one plug was too loose. This means that it was a good idea to get this work done now and that blownoutsparkplug.com's theory that the problem is too little torque makes sense.

The cost for this work was $400 (which includes the new plugs) plus $100 for the new boots (not really needed but I figured while we were in there, why not replace them to assure a good seal, as I've heard of some problems if water gets past the boots). That's a lot for a spark plug change but not when you see what is involved in doing one on these engines and it compares favorably with what I've heard others were charged at Ford dealers.

And there are a lot of sensitive parts at stake. Each coil unit is about $100 and could be broken in this process and there is a connector to each coil that you don't want to break. Plus if there is damage to the plug threads noted during a change, then you need to make an insert repair. Given the value of these engines I'd want that done by someone who knows what they're doing and who can do it then, while things are apart. Note that Santa Ynez isn't far from Live Oak Camp, where the LD Caravan Club goes each May and December.

If you have a 2004 or later E-450 I wouldn't worry about this too much. Maybe check the torque. Maybe do the plugs at 60- 5K instead of 100K. But for pre-2004 models, and especially pre-2000 models, I'd recommend that you attend to this potential problem in whatever way makes sense to you. As for me, I'll be returning to blownoutsparkplug.com in about another 60K miles for another plug change.

2003 26.5' RB
Gardnerville, NV (now in SoCal headed to Baja)


Did your Ford Aluminum head engine blow a spark plug?

Well if it did, you are not alone in that department. The Ford Motor Company designed aluminum heads have a major flaw and there are simply millions of these affected engines out there. The 5.4 Triton seems to be the most affected. However the 4.6 and V10 engines do it also.

The jury is out on exactly why this happens. My Company 2002 F-250 popped the first at a little over 80k. #3 back on the passenger side seems to be the most likely to go. Then at about 100k the #3 plug on the drivers side went. Theories abound...Improper torque from the original factory install, to not enough threads in the head to hold the plug secure.

After two home remedy fixes the driver side plug blew again prompting me to find a permanent solution. The Ford dealership quoted me $2800 for one side and $4500 for both sides. "OUCH"!!! I use this truck everyday for my Electrical Contracting business and cannot be without it for several days. Now I'm pretty mechanically inclined and figured I would just do it myself if I had the proper tools. Soooo....with much searching of the web for threading tools, I had settled on three different brands with hope that one would do the trick...

Then I found Ric Mahlmeister of El Cajon, CA. His web site stated he would install a threaded insert in the affected hole, replace and torque all plugs, install a new coil pack and guarantee it for $650 at his shop. I called him immediately and was pleasantly surprised when he answered the phone even though it was late. The Time-Sert tool is $450, the coil pack is $50,(Auto parts store )and a set of plugs is $52. That's over $ $550 and I haven't opened the hood yet. Is this guy nuts? Well probably because he's an old Motocrosser from way back. But, $650 at his shop, all parts and labor, Guarantee, and a old motocrosser! This is a no brainer.

I unplugged the fried coil pack, disconnected the fuel injector, and drove 120 miles to his shop with an open cylinder. Cant hurt it. 3 hours later and (several MX bullshit sessions) I'm back on the road.

I love a man that perfects his craft and finds the science in it. Ford plug blown??? What are you waiting for?? Click the link below. And let him know Scott Johnson sent you.

Evan Marshall on BBS TALK RADIO talks about Fords and Blownoutsparkplug
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