Very High Reliability Vehicles

Blownoutsparkplug now offers two complete steel spark plug thread conversions for ultra high reliability and service vehicles.

This conversion is only recommended for Ambulances, Rescue, Motorhomes and Tow vehicles where out of service time would be
very detrimental.

We have been requested to develop a complete conversion kit for very high reliability vehicles where any down time from a blown out spark plug would be detrimental to the service the vehicle performs.

To answer these requests we have developed two complete conversion processes that can be completed in just a few hours where we will remove the original spark plugs, install a full set of our custom or oversized steel plug seat assemblies and install a new set of Motorcraft Platinum spark plugs.

With this conversion you will never have to worry about the aluminum spark plug threads failing causing any out of service time due to a blown out spark plug.

This conversion can be completed during a blownout spark plug repair or before a failure has even occurred to make sure that it can never happen.

The reason we had to develop two different conversion processes is because we were required to have a conversion available that could be used after the failure of a prior repair from a shop using an auto parts store type insert.

The price of a complete conversion is still only about half the price of having just one cylinder head replaced by Ford due to a single blown out spark plug.

These conversions are now available to the public. For more information click here to contact us.


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