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Unfortunately when we travel to do a blown out spark plug repair we cannot bring everything with us.

There are a few items that we require our customers to supply.

Air compressor to run our air tools and cleaners (1 1/2HP or larger).
Some Type of SHOP VAC type vacuum.
Picnic or card table to set up our tools on if available.
An old blanket (it may get greasy) to lie across radiator, fenders, or seats while we work to protest us and your vehicle.
We need to get to a suitable working height so we may need something to stand on.
If we will need to work in the weather, then some kind of cover.
Some type of fan as it can get real hot under the hood at times.
One fresh can of aerosol brake parts cleaner (available at any auto parts or Wal-Mart type store) the airlines won’t let us bring it.

If there are any problems, please get back with us as soon as possible so we can find alternatives.



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